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Digital photography is the use of array of an electronic photo detector(s) to capture images focused by its lens to be digitalized. It can be stored in form of a computer file to be processed, viewed, be published digitally or be printed.

In the exploration of photography digital world, photography/ imaging, a picture has been said to be worth over a thousand names. This art can be learnt from digital images using the advanced principals and techniques of digital imagery. Also digital images online can be secured through use of online safety. Privacy measure can be used for protection and also for safeguarding one’s personal computer from virus attacks. It makes digital photography more realistic (Learn it, Teach It, 2013). Digital photography exploration has been shaped by the dynamic information technology world. It makes it better day by day. In the metronome: project, digital photography has been used in a variety of ways. It includes showing unbroken shots on a film, advert contest, for sharing images among different social platforms among other uses (Pinterest, 2013). Additionally, digital photography materials are protected through copyrights provided to the real owners. It follows a copyright controversy that arose after an appropriated digital photograph was used to win an Art contest of BMW MINI Cooper. The image titled ‘Papilio ChessBoard photo’ won the first place earning it a MacBook Pro laptop. It was later challenged by the real owner. It means that photos are legally protected and actions are taken in case of infringement (Zhang, 2013).

Recently, Engineer Jeremy Zawodny and his development team have been mentioned on twitter by Sir Craigslist to have published a new digital photographic feature. It allows its users to browse their photo listings in large views. They have called this view to be “Grind view” . Its feature provides other views including of pic and map. They are above the standards of listing. This collaboration of adding features onto the digital photography has mostly been used for personalized housing section. Digital photos reveal a clear dimension of the place that one wishes to shortly move into using large grind views. The feature also allows thumbnail views which can be viewed at own wish. These views are directly linked using URL listing. This ensures the user gets a simplified access of what he wants. The application setting is currently in the USA and Canada. It waits to be launched globally. Craigslist has ruled out that this feature has improved products and home listings with their new implemented map view. It helps to identify user location of homes within their vicinities Digital (Trends, 2013).

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Digital photography exploration has enabled vintage photos exploration. A study has shown that, University of Cambridge has been restoring thousands of the most rare and fragile images in their project. These images are said to be over 150 years. They are accessed using the help of state of the art digital photography technologies. It will enable history to be well preserved for future uses. The images included in their project are Terra Nova expedition supply ship by Captain Robert Scott. It led to discovery of the Antarctic in 1901-4 (Time photos, 2013).

Digital photography has also been a major block in the Science art. Scientists have been using it to show images of the bacteria found in their research studies. Scientists have used digital photography to explain their discoveries. It is evident in the discovery of the Milky Way Galaxy star by E. Coli using a genetically modified 9*9 inches digital camera 2012. The digital photography has been a major source of inspiration to many artists including poets, scientists, night skies, fashion designers among others. In some cases, the stars patterns discovered in the Native America have been used by earlier ancestors. They include sailors during initial world navigation and stars guided the human race for many centuries. Digital photography has preserved among the most well-known painting ‘Van Gogh’s Starry Night.” It acts as a tribute of the heaven beauties inspirations (Science Art, 2012).

Digital photography has heavily been employed in the national geographic by different explorers. The Geographic’s photography includes pilots, digital storytellers, zoo lists, crisis mappers, guerilla geographers among others. They have made tremendous use of digital photography in their National Geographic Emerging explorations. It has resulted to an emerged career in exploration that is very much promising. It has been fostered with the Emerging Explorer Program. This program reflects the global diversities ruling it to be a home for different personalities to facilitate world’s knowledge contribution through exploration and use of digital photography (National Geographic, 2013). 

Digital photography has also played key role in aesthetics. The Bay area Photography and Exploration Society researching on aesthetic and high end digital photography has shown uniqueness abilities of how we think about the digital photographs. Digital photograph are capable of extending the dynamic range. They have unprecedented color accuracy resulting to a more quality image than that of a film. The digital sensors improve the image quality while its printing involves using pigmented prints having variety of substrates. Digital photography has been employed in the video making especially in the movie industry. They make the movie posters through digital photography techniques like cropping. It makes the movie sell. Digital pictures according to an experienced photographer Stephen Johnson are capable of bringing new visualization. It is better than convincing (Sanchez Art Center, 2013)


Exploration of Photography Digital world has impacted both positively towards improved livelihood of people. On the other hand, some digital photographers have been caught on the bitter side of the law. They have been charged with photo crimes. It includes the case of Perth, an Australian photographer who was charged and found guilty of “disorderly behavior causing offense by taking photographs without consent” in a public place (Reddit photography, 2013). Lastly, in the event of an infringement of one’s photo, one is entitled to a possible legal suit to be compensated. The defaulter is charged for that criminal offense (Reddit photography (2013).


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