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Why are Tablets, Hybrids and Convertibles Important to the PC Industry? Why has the Tablet Destroyed the PC?

The personal industry has been dominating the computer industry over the years. There is a strong revolution in the computer technology. The classification of PC into desktop and notebooks is the selling point all over the world. There was a high growth rate for the last five years. The recent growth rate over the recent past years is above the 30% mark. There is a concern to provide every person with a compute to enhance the growth of technology all over the world today. Furthermore, there is a growth from analog to digital technology. The advancement of the technology has led to the introduction of the iPads. The other common but useful introduction to the PC industry is the introduction of the convertibles, tablets and hybrids. iPads are the first generation of computers. The tablet is a mobile computer with the touch screen technology as a strong feature (Charles, 2009).

The user fingers serve as mouse and provision for cursor. Thus, this feature eliminates the need for the physical hardware such as the keyboard and mouse. The sense of the virtual hardware provided in the laptop and other desktop applications makes the computer technology a portable option. The virtual keyboard provided integration into the display system. The touch screens are relatively large in relation to PDA and smart phones. The tablet computer enhances wireless technology. This provides a link to the USB port. Convertibles have the feature of hidden slide optional keyboard. There is a provision for touch screen feature. There is detachment of the keyboard from the hybrids. This enables the hybrids to serve as a stand (alone) tablet. The dual feature and touch screen is a common feature in the booklets.

The Microsoft Tablet has positive recognition in the commercial sector. The highest number of commercial operators prefers Apple and Google tablets. Moreover, the tablets have made use of print media very easier. There is easy view of published content in the PC technology. It is now easy to view news and videos with the advancement of the PC technology with the aid of the tablets. There is a significant high use of the iPad technology in the tablet. Millions of people prefer the iPads since they are portable embrace high technology and can serve as multipurpose device. It is easy to use it from any location in the current world. This is because of the advanced features in the tablet technology. The concept of video teleconferencing is now possible with the introduction of the tablets (Charles, 2009).

Furthermore, the tablet technology trace roots the pen computing technology. The ability to display information is made possible with the employment of the technology. This is the common thinking among the experts in the entire computer world. The above technological advancement is very possible in the development of PC technology. It is clear that as world of the technology develops there is an improvement in the special services. This is good for efficient in communication and computer application sector. This is an agreeable factor among all the communication experts all the information technology.

The Impact of the Tablet on the PC

The advent of the tablet is significant, thus the destruction of the PC from the technology industry. The manufacturers of the PC computers are fighting hard in order to restore the PC computers to the technology market. The invention of the tablet has led to the sharp decline of the sales volume of the PC computers. The introduction of the laptop in the business industry has rendered the PC a bad option for the service users and even the service providers. The hybrids, convertibles and the mobile tablets are common in the destruction of the PC computers. There is a replacement of hardware such as the mouse and keyboard. This is a cause of the deterioration of the business ventures of the PC computers. The new tablets consist of the integrated features. The use of the fingers makes the work easier for the user all over the computing technology. The snoop effect among the users of the computers compels them to adopt the use of the tablets. This is a common observation among the people attending to special functions such as weddings, marriage sows and other social functions. The attempt of the PC manufacturers to adopt and promote the use of the PC computers is an exercise in futility. The providers are just trying to mimic the stiff competition posed to the market and industry players. It is possible to move with tablets from one market to the other. This is also possible with the powered laptops unlike with the immobile personal computers, which are fading recognition among the users.

Another way is through the frequent price cut of the tablet manufactures. Besides the technological development, cheap and affordable prices will compel buyers to opt for the tablet. The price reduction is a strategy to clear the slow moving stock or inventory from the market. This is likely to open up the market for the introduction of new tablets. It is important to note the growing demand of the tablets among the young generation. This is due to the integration of features in the tablets as opposed to the personal computers. The technological development will render them irrelevant in the recent world of technology. There is no person willing to remain with the ancient technology. This is the critical rationale, which has led to the destruction of the PC computers.


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