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United States energy sector is highly supported by petroleum oil. Tons of oil are used daily by manufacturing and transport industries, leading to a lot of investment in the oil sector (Jupe, Michiorri & Taylor, 2007). Recently, debates regarding whether the US should adopt renewable sources of energy to ensure sustainability and reduce costs have erupted. Despite the reasons issued to discourage the use of renewable sources of energy, Jupe, Michiorri & Taylor (2007) argue that it is the best way to reduce costs on energy in a country that ranks among the leaders in manufacturing industries. Oil-use protagonists argue that setting up renewable energy infrastructure is more expensive than exploring for new oil deposits in the regions such as Alaska and the Gulf Coast.

Those opposed to the idea of using renewable energy sources are often guided by the perception that these sources may not meet the required needs in the United States. They forget that these sources only require the correct infrastructure and they would never need replenishment being perpetual (Jupe, Michiorri & Taylor, 2007). Therefore, there would be no worry about starting new explorations and extractions as in the case of oil. Further, these sources are available in many places and could be tapped from anywhere unlike petroleum that requires much exploration to determine the points where more and viable deposits are. Furthermore, It would lessen the pollution when the US adopts these renewable sources (Ristinen, 2006). With the increased compensation for pollution from the developed nations, it is needed to look up for better ways to reduce pollution. Renewable sources are friendly to the environment and if adopted, the US will have very little to compensate for the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (Ristinen, 2006). The Americans who feel that the use of the renewable sources of power should be given the future implications abandon the idea of relying on the use of oil alone.

It has been universally agreed that oil reserves in the world are reducing whenever any barrel is extracted. It is therefore evident that there would come the time when extraction and exploration will be more costly and uneconomical. Hence, it is time for the world population, led by the United States, to start looking for other energy alternatives in order to reduce the possibility that the period with no energy sources will come (Jupe, Michiorri & Taylor, 2007). In this case, the media should make people understand that oil reserves are diminishing and that the only way to get reliable energy sources is by using renewable means such as geothermal, hydro-power, wind, solar among others.


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