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Detergents- This is the most common chemical exposure that caused skin infections and ailments. These chemicals are mostly used for commercial and domestic means. These chemicals have a long term impact as it effects are felt when used in higher concentrations or when used repeatedly. The affects the epidermis layer of the skin

Disinfectants- This type of chemical exposure can be attributed with increased use of this type of chemicals. Use of high concentration of lack of information on the type of disinfectants being used has made it easy to get skin related infections. In most cases, this type of chemical affects the youth due to their urge to different preferences. After a long term use of the chemical or close contact to the chemical, it affects the inner layer of the skin (dermis) (BAuA, 2008).

Cement and Lime- It is mostly affecting people in the construction industry. The alkaline components present in lime leads causes erosion of the skin. Organic solvents- This chemical exposure is common to industrial and domestic workers, but mostly affects those working at chemical plants that manufacture organic chemicals like alcohols among others. These to chemical classes affect the dermis and the epidermis layers of the skin when directly exposed to them for a long time or in high concentrations.

The most affected population is lab workers, construction workers, household workers, and other industrial workers. The reason as to why this population is considered at risk is that they are in close contact with the type of chemicals most of the time. Among all the four populations and the four chemical exposures, the biological condition that affects the skin layer infection is an environment with a higher concentration of these chemical classes. The most commonly biological agent are bacterial and fungal.


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