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Problem Identification

There are various internet risks that may be incurred in the use of internet services. Internet hacking is one of the risks that may be incurred. Hacking involves someone getting access to your information i.e. email account, face book e.t.c. Hacking is a violation of the privacy policy (Doyle 2003).

Problem Evaluation

Once you have identified the problem. You evaluate the problem. Evaluation in this case details looking at how your account was hacked and by whom and for what purposes. One evaluates also on what might have led to the hacking. One’s account may be hacked by someone who wants to retrieve some information about that person (Doyle 2003).

Identification of Policies or Directions

After evaluating the problem and realizing where the problem comes from, one identifies the various policies that address that problem. If someone hacked an account, there are several directions that one may take. These directions include changing the password, screening of emails e.t.c. Apart from the privacy policy, other policies that may help in tackling hacking include account lockout policy and change security policy (Doyle 2003).

 Evaluation of the identified Policies or Directions

After identification of the policies, one needs to evaluate them. This means that one needs to look at the best policy that addresses the problem at hand. In this case the problem is hacking. One hence needs to look at the two policies and know which one to consider (Doyle 2003).

Prioritizing of the alternative policies

After evaluating the policies, the next step is to prioritize them. The best policy wins. In this case, account lockout policy is better than change the security policy (Doyle 2003).

Choosing the best policy

The last step involves choosing the best policy. In the case of hacking, account lockout policy is better than change security policy. This is because account lockout policy involves dawdling down online password supposition attacks. It also reimburses frail password policies unlike change security policy (Doyle 2003).


There are various alternative policies as seen that help in protecting one’s privacy when in use of the internet. Account lockout policy is one of these policies that can be used (Doyle 2003).


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