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1. What is the difference between Viruses, Trojans, and Worms?

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A computer virus can be determined to be a program written to alter/change the way a computer runs/operates. This action takes place without the permission of the users. For a computer program to be considered as a virus it has to execute itself and it should be able to replicate or copy itself. Trojan horse this are files that seem to be beneficial and desirable, yet they are extremely malicious and harmful. The difference between virus and Trojan horse is that Trojan does not replicate. Worm can be considered as programs that replicate from one system to the other through it does not use a host file. The difference between worm and the virus is that a worm does not require an infected host file while virus needs (Bachman, 2010).

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2. Protection against spyware

There are several ways that one can protect him/her (self) against spyware such as being careful of the where to download items or files from. Harmful programs usually come from unscrupulous sites hence always download from reputable sites. The other best way to defend ourselves against spyware is by reading end user license since one might accept to download a spyware without knowing. Protection of systems using Adware pro since it protects the system from spyware in real time (Bachman, 2010).

3. Phishing can be defined as wrong procedure of obtaining user information such as password, credit card information and username using unscrupulous methods. This can be done by sending emails to individuals or organizations purporting to be the real user. 

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4. Importance of cyber security

Breach of cyber security is a practice facing many industries, individuals and governments as it leads to loss of essential data and information. The significance of this kind of security is to secure vital information from malicious damages.

5. Online protection

Many methods and procedures can be put in place to protect one from online cyber security such as avoid filling forms that are not essential online. The other way could be cleaning of the search history is an essential step in beefing protection. Another way of protection is logging out of search engines and watching what to download can also be considered essential (Bachman, 2010).

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