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Having grown in grown up in Kazakhstan, I consider myself lucky to have come from a humble family that embraces technology. My interest in electrical technology and begun at an exceptionally tender age. My interest in the electrical devices was taken to a new high when my father gave me a broken transistor from his car. Out curiosity and the obsession to fix it, I tried explaining its details to other kids in my physics class on how the device works. From then on, I knew that my line of career had been set.

Soon after my high school, I enrolled in EuaresianNationalUniversity where I undertook my undergraduate degree course in Automation and control. This was a highly competitive course, and I was among the few that were admitted. During my course, I covered many engineering related courses that molded me in all aspects to fit in the industry. It was during the course of my study here that I developed a range of programs. Besides the main university courses, I took a course in basic java programming where I learnt to create the basic JSP (Java, HTML) documents among others. I feel that my course work as a student of Automation and control has largely prepared me for my further studies.

After the first year of my study, I went for industrial attachment in Ekoton where I spent one month practicing. This exposed me to the inner workings of the industry like working with an automatic system which produces concrete for construction. The experience here helped me visualize what I had learned by studying automatic devices and components and understand different types of automatic systems. After my third year, I went for my second industrial attachment, in a private company called Dana and KO, where I learned to handle network problems in a system and learned to use AutoCAD. This further assisted me in drawing the functional and structural schemes of an automatic system for my final research project. I came out of this a well-rounded person and felt ready for the industry. My final research project was designing the automation system of an oil heating station.

Kazakhstan is still an emerging economy and is still going through a lot of structuring in an effort to be relevant to the dynamic nature of the industry.  My desire to pursue further knowledge in a technical course led me to join a competition to win a scholarship. I believe that PurdueUniversity will pave the way towards realizing a dream that started during my childhood. PurdueUniversity’s competitive higher-education program would be ideal for me to advance my studies. In addition, the facilities, scholarship and strong research traditions of PurdueUniversity make me confident that I will not only be challenged, but also be highly stimulated throughout the program. I would be delighted to contribute to the academic excellence of the school of engineering and the University as a whole especially pertaining to Kazakhstan.      

It is hard to imagine our world without communication, especially communication through network systems. Today numerous projects are developing in Kazakhstan. They range from new manufacturing to “electronic government” projects, which is a massive project that provides citizens with services via the Internet. I intend to be part in one of these projects. I am also interested in the control systems in communication I want to be a professional specialist in my field and use the theories in practice to make a real application of my thoughts and interests.


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