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According to an article in one of the class materials by Andrew McAfee and Eric Brynjolfsson named “ Investing in the IT that makes a Competitive Difference”, the authors assert that studies regarding corporate performance have indeed revealed that there was a growing link that existed between some various kinds of technology investments and the subsequent intensifying competitiveness. It is through this article that students can be able to ascertain how an increase in the Information Technology’s investment power is behind the competition that has accelerated towards unprecedented levels in the United States economy. It is through the article that readers and students in general can be able to understand when and where the use of Information Technology (IT) has conferred a competitive advantage in the cotemporary US economy. It can also be ascertained by students from the article that there has been a much stronger link between technology and competition since the middle of the 1990’s. Students are also able to get answers as to why the nature of competition is affected through IT spending and the companies’ relative performance within a given industry. Finally, the authors inform the students through their article the specific elements behind an IT enabled process that is successful (McAfee, at al, 2008).

According to one of the other class materials written by Victor E. Millar and Michael E. Porter known as “How Information gives you a competitive advantage”, the article explains to the students how it is difficult to underestimate the new information Technology’s strategic significance. The new information technology, according to the article has significantly transformed the nature of many processes, products, industries, companies and also competition. The article explains to readers how years back, the use of information technology was left or dedicated to EDP departments in an organization and how it has now gained prominence among various business enterprises. The article further explains how the new information technology can be effectively used by a company to have competitive advantage over its rivals. Through the article, the authors explain to the reader the strategic significance of the modern information technology and depicts how and why such technology has continued to change a company’s operation and changed the way it relates with other companies, competitors, clients and even suppliers. Through the article, students are able to know the specific ways of how competition is affected by the new technology namely: the new technology changes the structure of the industry, it supports differentiation and cost strategies and finally, it is known to spawn businesses which are entirely new. Finally, the authors offer the readers with five steps in which managers can be capable of assessing the effect of the new information technology revolution on their individual companies (Porter, 1985).

According to an article by Kaushik Mukerjee, called “Customers Relationship Management: a Strategic Approach to Marketing”, the author informs the readers how the CRM could become a fruitless venture if data analysis is not used carefully in an organization. The article further explains to its readers how the whole process of Customers Relationship Management can we well planned and executed within a business organization. Among others, the article is informative to its readers in that it advices how a comprehensive list of data requirements is needed for analysis in order to fulfill or achieve the desired objectives together with informing the readers how this can be effectively be done. It informs the readers how different types of data will require different consideration and treatment. Furthermore, it is through Mukerjee’s article that the readers are able to appreciate the importance of doing a data analysis with a view of taking into consideration the chosen tools and technology. After ascertaining that the format of the data collected is usable, the author informs the reader that the data collating and gathering plan should be established. After ascertaining the Customers Relationship management tool which will be used in analyzing of data, it should be made sure that all the desired outputs are readily available wherever and whenever they are required. Finally, the author informs the reader through the article that a reality check regarding the progress of the Customers Relationship management should be conducted despite the planning. This will ensure that the set project in the company or business enterprise is on track and even make it possible to take corrective action at the right time (Mukerjee, 2007).

Another relevant class material is the Strategic Decision Making: Introduction, Organization, TPS, MIS, DSS & E-Business. This material is relevant because it informs students about making strategic business decisions in the business regarding the Management Information Systems (MIS), Decision Support Systems (DSS) and electronic Business. System design, development and architecture are also one of the relevant class materials that are vital to a business student.  

In conclusion, all the class materials focus on providing the learner or the students in this case with viable knowledge and skills which can enable them to practice in any business field. In particular, the articles focus on how the use of information technology tools can enhance the operations of the business enterprise and enable it to have a competitive advantage over its competitors. It is through the class materials that the students can be able to have all round business knowledge and be able to practice various managerial and leadership styles for the success of the business enterprises. The viability of these class materials is further proved through their step by step explanation of business ideas from the known to the unknown thus enabling the learners to easily grasp the ideas at their own levels of understanding.

All the class materials are thus relevant in building a student’s mind and perception in the business world. The class materials, if followed carefully and properly will thus provide the student with an in-depth business knowledge which will be an eye opener for the management of any business enterprise. Students should thus grasp the knowledge in the class materials with a view of applying such knowledge in day today business operations. 


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