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Advancement in technology has occurred in the recent decade n the field of communication. Today, when we speak of human communication, we refer to technological innovations like the radio, television, internet and many more forms of communication. Communication technology, therefore, refers to the use of electronic devices and systems to pass information from one place to another or from one person to another.  Technology has shaped human life and has made life easier with the introduction of communication instruments that have made human life immensely convenient.

Characteristics of Modern Communication

Technology grows each passing day. Very many human activities are happening because of technology. Generally, technology has profoundly shaped man’s life in the sense that it controls his social, political and economic organization. Due to this, there are significant changes that have occurred in man’s life including an improvement in the standards of living. There are many changes that have occurred in technology that were not there before, for instance man is now  able to use technology in structuring and ordering. It is now possible to carry out tasks efficiently within a short period. Population data have been made possible through invention of technology.  

It is becoming difficult for man to do anything without being noticed. It is true that technology is working to the advantage of humankind, but at the same time, his privacy has vastly been infringed. Apart from this, man is becoming lazy because technology can be used to perform different tasks.  Since science became part of man, it has slowly by slowly grow to become the prerequisite to technology. The scientific inventions have contributed to the growth of the technological aspect of life. Technology is the practical aspect of science. Therefore, theory expressed in science is what technology has practiced through various methods that are discussed under the advancement of technology.

The relationships of people, culture and economic activity are all components of globalization. Globalization is a primary contributor to the economic growth in almost all enterprises. Technology in its development and eventual success has undergone the procedures and activities that have been brought about by globalization. Social responsibility demands that every organization has a constraint of reaching out and benefiting the community. This is done in order to balance between economy and the environment. Technology has been seen to create a balance between the economic position of its obligation and the ethical perspective. Technology has ensured a balance between society and the domain to ensure equilibrium exists between the two.  This responsibility has avoided harmful acts. The goals that technology has achieved so far are purely social and economic goals.

The Social Media

The role of the media has become one of the fundamental roles in any country that believes in communication as the best way of reaching out to one another. In the past, communication did exist. Nevertheless, the difference is the structure of the communication process. It was not easy to give feedback to anyone who passed a message. However, today, communication has been nourished with the advancement of technology. The social media has contributed almost one hundred percent of the communication role in nearly all countries. Images have become the basic component of communication today. This was not the case in the past because it was not easy to get out to a mass at one given time. However, with the advancement, images have been digitalized and it is easy to pass information to anyone at any given time. The internet has interconnected the earth into a small village where information flows ion seconds (Berlo, 1960). This is through the various interconnections that precede the introduction of the computer and mobile phone. People are able to pass information to one another in various ways by just a click of a mouse.

The letter

In the middle ages, also known as the medieval period, communication was by means of the written document, the letter. Messages were written in various ways and sent through human messengers to their destination. Doves and pigeons were also used to deliver letters to people. However, there were also smoke signals in the same period. However, the use of the letter dominated throughout the medieval period and led to the advancement of writing.


Communication has witnessed a variety of changes that have led to the development in know-how and the introduction of various ways of passing information to a large number of people. In the past, people relied on the use of personal messengers such as the letter. Today, communication has experienced a growth that has introduced the media and the internet. People are able to relay messages at any time and are delivered instantly. This has led to the improvement of standards of living and the total wellbeing of humanity. 


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