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The Alien Zone Company is a computer company that sells computers and computer related products. The purpose of this report is to show how the company intends to do the above mentioned duty following some preferred steps. Consequently, the aim of this report is to come out with an indepth analysis of how to set up the company and how to sellproducts that would be offered. This is useful report since it would help the business executives and all the readers who go through it to come with an idea of how a business should be set and run in either the short or the long run. In order to set up a business that is successful, the management structure is something that has to be checkedin a depth manner.

The management structure of the company consists of the manager, the divisional heads, the foremen and the employees. That is how the hierarchy of the information would be passed. Therefore, the management is structured in such a way that the manager oversees the divisional heads and in this casethe divisional heads are the ones who will have a direct authority to carry out changes in the stores. However, in this instancethe Alien Zone Company,since it is new,will have only one division and this would mean thatit would be run from a central point and that would be through one divisional head. The foremen are put in place to ensure that the clients are given the right treatment and in addition to thatthey are the ones who will act as a link from the employees to employers and, therefore, they are the last in the hierarchy of the business management. It is imperative fora business to be set up in a way that the clients have the highest benefits. Therefore, since the company would be dealing with computers and computer products, it is only but logical that it is set up in a modest way so that the clients and the company benefit from the ever changing nature of electrical products. The aforementioned setting is very useful in ensuring that a company stays afloat in the business market in order to come out with higher profits than its opponents. Otherwise, it would not be abusiness if the company does not stand out from its competitors.

The main aim of coming up with a business is to ensure that one gains profits and has a long business life and thereforethe way to ensure this in such a company as Alien Zone Company is to make sure that customers are always satisfied and guaranteed of better products each time they visit the store. Setting up a business that involves computers and computer related products is diverse and requires an indepth analysis in terms of ideas in order to come out with a business that would be sustained by time. From the foregoing literatureit is evident that there needto be ways and means that a business can be sustained and run in order to give it the simplistic yet complex identity in the business world and that is why there is a need of outsourcing ideas from other key players in the financial market. The paper discusses the Alien Zone Company and some of the ways and means that would be used in setting and running of the computer accessories business in depth analysis manner.


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