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Relaying of information is critical and essential to business organizations, public corporations and governments, among many organizations one could work for. With this need communication has grown to become a huge sector employing large numbers of graduates. Having had an interest in technical writing and related subjects, I have found careers in technical communication appealing. These include technical writing, editing, translation and illustration, user interface and experience design, technical training and information architecture among others. My goal is to become a proficient technical writer and editor, with vast knowledge of other professions within technical communication.

Before getting into any career in this wide field, it is imperative that one should enjoy reading and writing on technical subjects. It is mandatory that one should certainly enjoy technology and different aspects of this broad area. Moreover, one requires adequate communication skills that would allow them effectively deliver the required information to different audiences. In addition to writing and proficient presentation skills, one would require in depth knowledge on how to communicate the same technical information to different audiences.

Working within employment sector has its benefits and shortcomings. Technical communication offers one a chance to grow and keep up with the fast-paced technological changes. Being involved in active communication also ensures that the employees in this working environment continue to hone their skills on a daily basis. It is one of the few areas offering profound opportunity for professional growth, in line with rapid developments in technology. A significant drawback involves the rapid changes which some areas under go. This forces employees to improve their skills continually to avoid being obsolete.

A position in this career field demands detailed acquaintance of the purposes and objectives of the detailed technical information. It is essential for the technical writer to know the audience, and how to create the message within their context and scope of knowledge. In addition to ensuring the use of appropriate media channels, the communicator is responsible for the audiences’ understanding of the information. Research is vital in all technical communication careers, and guarantees understanding of the involved roles, responsibilities and duties.


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