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Computer hard wares are all the tangible parts of a computer; they may be used to feed data into the computer or to process the data into required information. They include the drives, key board, mouse, monitor and the central processing unit.

It is evident that with the current development in the world of technology the computers have gone through a range of changes both in size and processing speed. These changes are directly attributed to the need for better and faster computers. It has resulted in the remarkable reduction in size and number of hardware needed to feed the computer with data. There is a projected rise in hardware that is small, portable and strong (Shaunak 32).

More people are moving from the mere physical appearance of appliances to considering the aesthetics in the gadget, hence the need to alter the appearance and size of the computers. Previously, computers were office utilities, hence their appearance and preventability was not checked as they were kept in definite rooms. Currently, computers are placed in places they can be easily accessed by visitors to any office; hence the need to consider their size to suite the changes.

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Advances in technology have led to the development of micro-processors in order to process data at high speeds. These micro-processors are small in size, so there appeared the need to re-organize the arrangement of the components and to re-package the computers. More so, the further evolution of the quantum technology in data processing will further have a profound effect on the hardware, hence the dawn of spintronics instead of electronics (Shaunak 78)

The advent of wireless technology has seen the reduction of cables in the computer world and, as a consequence, reduction of the number of hard ware needed to get a computer running. According to Shaunak (2006), some computers have been integrated to the user in such a way that they are voice activated. Such a development will easily render useless parts of the computer hardware, thus, the computers will evolve further. The rise of hologram technology, where some hardware parts could be easily turned into virtual gadgets, will result in extinction of some hard wares. The rise of wireless disc drives, and the reduction in the size of hard discs, which makes them pocket-friendly, is among the changes anticipated in the computer world.

With the changing societies and industrial demands, some computers will be created to meet explicit needs of the users, hence, the specification in the hardware from one computer to another due to the variation of the purpose and use of computers. Currently such specialized computers are found in areas such as research centers, meteorological departments, registries, and hospitals. They perform definite functions, hence their hardware varies from the normal hardware found in the common computers.

The need for portable devices is on the rise. So does the need for convenient devices that are accessible from any place, thus, the need to minimize hardware. Computers are becoming an integral part of everyone’s life, and the trend is likely to be more in the future, hence, the need for necessary adjustment in the hardware. In the past, computers were strictly used for official purposes, this trend is changing with the computer being turned into almost a media gadget. The portability is a necessary requirement of computers for the future; such that a single processing unit may be expected to serve several screens in a different room, thus, there is a need to minimize the cables to enable this (Shaunak 138).

It is vivid that the future of computer hardware is headed towards virtual or invisible computers, which will be readily accessible and useable from anywhere to explore the unimagined worlds and developments. Thus, the future is ultimately to make the world a bliss or a nightmare, depending on the choice we make.


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