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Response to question one

I agree with the author. Technological advancements  open new possibilities for research. This means a new set of protection and guiding measures must be introduced. This is important especially in developing countries where it will safeguard people from being used as guinea pigs, in experiments that might have side effects, which may kill them or ruin their lives. This means ethical measures should be at pace with technological advancements to protect  human beings and  allow development of safe technology. This will eliminate the need of banning products later after their introduction to the market.

Response to question two

I agree with this comment because, for every change there are always positive and negative effects. This is more serious when it comes to technology because if not well monitored, there might be more problems arising from consumption or use of a product or a gadget. This means a set of strict requirements need to be in place to ensure, a product  released for consumer use has minimal side effects on the consumers. This requires  product developers to subject products to numerous experiments to determine their side effects. The developers are also protected against cases that might arise as a result of effects of their products that evaded them during experimentation.


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