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Nuclear power was found out in the process of the creation of the A-bomb. Since scientists conducted plenty of experiments, they discovered that nuclear energy is a clean and effective method of energy production. Revelation of the new energy source was a very considerable event. Plenty of energy can be received while using a small quantity of plutonium and uranium, two radioactive elements. Nuclear power can be a viable energy source for the future, but there are a plenty of disadvantages, as well.

Nuclear power has an unfavorable influence on the environment and the human health. Exertion of the nuclear energy produces a great amount of the waste products. The real danger is radioactive wastes of nuclear power plants, which accumulated greatly for the past decades and will accumulate more if the atomic energy occupies a dominant position in the world power balance. Nowadays, the wastes produced by the atomic industry are commonly buried in the ground or in the oceans in special containers. Both methods are not safe: with the course of time, the containment shells damage and radioactive elements get into the water and soil and, consequently, into the human organism. It is impossible to utilize high-level radioactive wastes: they need to be insulated from an environment for several thousand years - only then, they will become harmless, but nobody knows how to manage with this issue. Nuclear power pollutes the air by the radioactive emissions into the atmosphere, the water by the unrefined radioactive discharges from the industrial enterprises and, finally, the human organism.

Nuclear power is not a viable energy source for the future because it requires a lot of the capital investments. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), “nuclear power subsidies as a risky investment” (Scientists: Nuclear power isn’t viable without corporate welfare).

Nuclear reactors are not eternal and very expensive to replace. They can serve approximately for fifty years, and then they can break down. According to the article written by Joseph Romm, ”nuclear power, a mature industry providing 20 percent of U.S. power, has received some $100 billion in U.S. subsidies - more than three times the subsidies of wind and solar, even though they are both emerging industries” (Nuclear power: too many problems, too expensive). It is the most costly type of energy. Nuclear power stands in need of not only money but also of time. It takes a lot of time to build powerful and safe nuclear plant.

Nuclear power is very unreliable. There is no guaranty that the nuclear accident like in Ukraine and Japan will not happen. A lot of nuclear plants, including the United States’, were built with the conjecture that such an accident will not occur, but this cannot warrant the safety. Every nuclear power plant, regardless of the degree of reliability, is, in fact, a stationary A-bomb, which can be at any moment gun-puffed by a diversion, bombardment from the air, by a fire rockets or ordinary artillery shells. Nowadays, when terrorists and fanatics shoot from the rocket launcher at hospitals and child's gardens, there is no assurance that if they have the possibility to destroy cities or even countries, they would not use it. Nuclear plant can be the target of terrorists because some nuclear reactors manufacture plutonium that can be consumed during the producing of nuclear weapon.

It is not true that nuclear power is a viable energy source for the future. The production of a high amount of energy is the only vital advantage of nuclear power, but there are a great number of disadvantages. Nuclear power is very harmful for the environment and for the people. It is highly insecure. The government spent a lot of time and money on the building of nuclear power plants.

Thus, the new kind of energy should be invented.


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