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Brief Description of Wireless Technology

Wireless technology is not a new aspect of technological development in the world; such technology has been experimented for approximately 180 years with varying successes. Wireless electricity is a form of transmission of electrical energy, which originates from a power source, to an electrical load with no conductive physical link. Wireless electricity is significant in cases when interconnecting wires are harmful, inconvenient or impossible. The challenge which comes with wireless electricity is that it is not related to wireless telecommunications, which include television or radio. If to consider wireless electricity, the fundamental aspect is that it is more efficient. This means that all the energy from the source is received on the other side of the receiver. The thesis of this paper is that wireless electricity is efficient to both the consumer and environment.

History of Wireless Technology

Wireless electricity technology has been around for hundreds of years; it originated from an outstanding scientist – Nikola Tesla. Despite this technology did not succeed during his lifetime, the technology has grown tremendously during this 21st century in the wireless society.

How Wireless Electricity Works

The technology works due to employing the idea of resonant energy transfer. The technology uses a coil, together with a capacitor, which pulses and resonates at high frequency. When another coil is introduced adjacent to a high frequency coil, they will “powerfully couple” and transfer magnetic energy between one another. At this rate, electrical energy in the form of currents is transformed back into electricity, which is ready for usage. This means that there will be transfer of energy from one source to another without any physical connection.

Wireless electricity has impacted positively on many countries, and the technology has been embraced positively by nations globally. Many governments and political leaders in various countries have expressed willingness to embrace the technology. This is because many political leaders and legal leaders have realized the efficiency of the technology in the 21st century, which is associated with the age of wireless technology.

Ethical, Health and Environmental Effects

The infancy of resonant inductive pairing and all wireless technologies has potential ethical, environmental and health benefits. Therefore, the ethical implications of the technology have far-reaching impacts on humanity. There exist certain doubts concerning implementation of the uncertain and new wireless technologies that include human, environmental, and health issues. Wireless technology influences every individual who uses any kind of electric power and, consequently, it is an omnipresent and demanding technology of this era.

The use of wireless electricity will reduce risks associated with the batteries, thus eliminating environmental pollutants which cause poisoning and land degradation.  This is because the wireless technology will replace the use of batteries, thus reducing landfills. In the process of using wireless electricity as a substitute to wires and batteries energy costs will be reduced significantly; thus, homeowners will save a huge amount of income. In terms of efficiency, wireless electricity is the most efficient means of power now, which replaces the usage of adaptors, wires and batteries.

In addition, wireless electricity conserves energy, which eliminates the usual extreme energy consumption and lowers the use of energy, hence making wireless technology an environmentally friendly technology that can allow wide scale implementation. The only challenge concerning this technology is that it is expensive to install, hence needs a lot of resources to implement. This technology has been applied in many hospitals and health facilities, thus improving healthcare.

Economic Implications

Wireless electricity, despite being efficient and environmentally friendly, is a rather expensive technology to undertake. This technology needs large capital to develop and to expand. Therefore, the technology is costly to implement. However, after installation it starts saving money.


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