Free «Use of Technology to Promote Healthy Eating» Essay Sample

This study aims at evaluating the effectiveness of technology in promoting self-efficacy and health eating among the adolescents. It also expounds on the role that technology plays in promoting and creating awareness on which are the healthy and unhealthy foods. The world has become technologically advanced shifting from the traditional methods.

The study “Using technology to promote self-efficacy for healthy eating in Adolescent,” (Long & Stevens, 2004) compared the effectiveness of classroom and technology using World Wide Web (WWW) in promoting healthy eating. The purpose of the study was to identify which between the two greatly promoted healthy eating among the adolescents. The study was done on 121 students, between the ages of 12 to16 and coming from diverse races. The findings concluded that students who had access to technology (internet connectivity) had higher scores for self-efficacy and for healthier eating (Long & Steven, 2004). In addition, those that had access to internet they had dietary knowledge and a better knowledge for healthier food choice than those that did not have access to technology (internet connection).

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In this case, “Self-efficacy is the ability to have dietary knowledge of the healthy and unhealthy foods and mainly knowledge of lower fat consumption in eating behavior” (JoAnn & Kathleen, 2004). The study established that if students had access to computer and internet, the absorption of unhealthy food would decrease unlike when they have traditional classroom studies. In other words, this shows that adolescents have insufficient information concerning diet. Technology opened a door to vast information in regards to this topic in which students had little information. Besides that, the use of the internet is engaging, insightful, entertaining and informative unlike the traditional set up (JoAnn & Kathleen, 2004).

Awareness on healthy foods is a global issue that affects adolescents of all lifestyles. The adolescents who have no access to internet services and are only dependent on classroom studies have little knowledge in this field. The situation is the same for all adolescents in the world including those in my community. There is insufficient information concerning healthy food leading them to consume unhealthy foods. “Majority of these adolescents depend on the little information they get from the classroom and their surrounding environments which is hardly enough” (JoAnn & Kathleen, 2004). This could be attributed to lack of access to technology, which is engaging, entertaining and educative. Majority of adolescents are thus consuming unhealthy foods with a high intake of fats and sugar which are detrimental to their health (Long & Steven, 2004).

The results show a need to shift to technology to create more awareness. “Interventions through technologies are improving the user’s dietary behavior, for instance increasing their water and fruit intake. Technology is useful because of the manner it presents information in an engaging and entertaining way” (Andrea & Rebecca, 2011). Use of technology is providing timely and vast information. Other studies done on the topic showed a relationship between technology and health. Thus, this study quite accurately and informative compared to other studies. For instance, Virtual Reality for Research and Education in Obesity and Diabetes show that technology can be used to create awareness among individuals in relation to healthy eating and prevention of diseases caused by unhealthy diet (Andre & Rebecca, 2011).

Conclusively the results of this study reveal the necessity for availability of corrective technologies especially internet to schools, homes, communities among others to empower people’s thinking, change attitudes and behavior hence ensure wellness. The technology should be constructed in a manner that it will engage users and provide support for healthy eating.


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