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Efficiency is the norm as the world move towards the post modern age. In American hospitals, technology has been made compulsory in all its operations. There are ethical issues that have put the medical practitioners in conflict with their clients. Top of the list is the issue of confidentiality. Experts affirms that confidentiality of patients’ information is an issues that must be given due priority at all times (Mastrian, 2011). In respect to this, manual data entry could not take care of clients’ confidential information. Initially, this information used to pass through so many people thus hampering ethical concern of hospitals. Manual system was so much inefficient and unreliable due to unreliability of subordinates who were expensive to maintain; for this reason, an alternative measure is found in technology (Ball, & Hannah, 2011). The work was also not done promptly since human labor is not sufficient and efficient enough to handle bulk of work. In the system, there are a number of personnel who have to be put in place to ensure that work is done. This creates a number of stages which the information has to pass through (Ball, & Hannah, 2011).

the adoption of technology as was proposed by President Obama has helped in remedying this situation in the US. Technology has immensely eliminated the delay that was brought about by human incapacity (Mastrian, 2011). Additionally, the efficiency of the work shall increase since the computers have been programmed to relay, compute, and analyze data automatically within an incredibly short time. Masttrian, also argues that the problem of non confidentiality is also a forgotten case since information only follows defined channel unlike in the manual system where information passes through many people (2011). In terms of cost, technology is cost effective. This is because excess labor has been replaced with machines which are cost effective.  The machines aid in handling tasks with limited expenses within a very short time. Unlike before the error of hospital computerization, errors have been minimized and cases of alteration of information have been greatly minimized. This system attracts more clients since they are assured of the security and confidentiality; which is a major ethical concern in the medical field. Efficiency is also a factor that is revered by clients. Technology creates affectivity, reliable services, and accuracy unlike dependence on the manual or tradition human labor (Mastrian, 2011). 


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