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Ethernet is a local area network that is used all over the world by many people. It was initially created by Xerox. Ethernet uses coaxial cables or unique grades of paired wires that are twisted. Local area networks which are wireless also use Ethernet. Ethernet is fast and the most frequently used Ethernet known as 10BASE-T offers a transmission speed of 10mbps (Charles, 2009).

There is also another type of Ethernet known as fast Ethernet which offers a speed of 100 MB per second when transmitting data. There is a faster Ethernet that transmits at a speed of 1000 MBs per second. It is known as the gigabit Ethernet. Ethernet can transmit data everywhere through the network. Ethernet provides an enhanced utilization of network. The Ethernet network standard is also cheap and simple which makes it the ideal standard for local area network (Gilbert, 2003).

We are talking about 10G and 100G networks now. Where do we go from here?

10G and 100G networks are high speed Ethernet standards that provide transmissions of 10 and 100 gigabits respectively. 10G was the first Ethernet standard to be developed and it was fast (Rich, 1998). 100 gigabits Ethernet is however faster than 10 gigabits Ethernet. As the world of technology remains to be dynamic, there is a need to develop and deploy a faster network. One terabit Ethernet is the next big hit for Ethernet. It has a higher speed of transmission compared to 100 gigabits Ethernet (Abdul, 2007).


Technology has made the world a beautiful place to live in. it makes work easier and convenient. In computer networks, Ethernet has emerged as the best network standard for local area network abbreviated as LAN. This is because Ethernet is cheap, fast and simple to use. One terabit Ethernet is simply so far the fastest Ethernet. It is the next step after 100 gigabits. It is faster and convenient to use.


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