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Legal and Ethical issues

There are various legal and ethical issues that should be considered while designing a website. Copyright concern is one of the legal issues. The Copyright Act gives specific rights to a copyright owner and violation of such rights makes one blameworthy of copyright infringement. These rights include: rights to avert ones work to be reproduced, be publicly displayed or distributed (Shelly et al. 2008). The domain name is another legal issue. Selecting and protecting a domain name is considered as an essential detail while designing a website. The growth of the internet has resulted in increased disputes with reference to domain names.

Financial transactions ensure that website users pay fees as well as taxes linked with the ‘Paid Services’ appropriately and using a suitable method of payment. The Webs are authorized to charge the debit card, credit card, PayPal, or charge card for the entire charges to the account (Shelly et al. 2008). While designing a website, one should not use a slogan, image, or any other device intended to classify the products offered by another website as doing so results in trademark infringement. Website designers must be conversant with the possible trademark concerns. Besides, the principle of truthfulness should be applied. Website content should not implore or advertise any kind of information that is misleading or false (Shelly et al. 2008).

Privacy Statement

The company is dedicated to protecting the privacy of the website users. The provision of any information on the website will be employed in line with the privacy statement. The users are requested to check the page regularly as the company might modify the policy frequently. The information that should be included in the privacy statement includes:

  • What we collect include contact information, name and the title of the job.
  • The purpose of the information gathered is to understand the needs of the customer so as to provide better services
  • Security so as to ensure the data is safe. In order to prevent disclosure, we have ensured managerial and electronic processes to guard the information collected online.
  • Provision of links to other websites of interest. However, you should know that those links are not governed by our policy statement and therefore it is impossible for us to protect the information you use while accessing those links.

Terms of use


Relying and accepting any information on this website, you do so at your own risk.


Your usage of the website code, services, applications, software and third party content are at your own risk and responsibility.

You are not allowed to post, distribute, modify or reproduce any trademarks, copyrighted materials of others without consent from the owner. It is our duty to address any copyright infringement as necessitated by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (Shelly et al. 2008).


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