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For time saving and efficiency in handling organization servers in organizations, Microsoft has come up with a more elaborate Windows Server 2003 server network. The tool assists you with the configuration of network security, services, auditing and the system’s registry settings. These are met by the follow-up of security policies and the use of other templates to achieve the various server roles. Using the XML file extension, the security policies are therefore created depending on what you want your server to do for you.

With Windows server 2003 network, you have the choice to use the four policies offered. They are:

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  • Create a new security policy – This lets you create policies that are followed up when you need to assign different servers with various computer functions .This minimizes the time of looking up information on one server therefore improving efficiency
  • Edit an existing security policy – This is important as one can edit a security policy time and again depending on how he wants servers on a work group operated.
  • Apply an existing security setting – This enables one to bring into use a security setting that he/she has created making it convincing in terms of management of other servers within a workgroup ensuring all departments with servers have a role to play from the leading server.
  • Rollback the last applied security settings – A rollback allows you to restore security settings that might have been removed on an earlier attempt of trying to create or edit a security policy on a workgroup. This provides assistance and reduces the time that one would have to come up with new policies. With this service, earlier settings are reverted and time is saved thus making it a worthwhile idea when using Windows Server 2003.

With this in mind, there is no doubt that using Windows Server 2003 Network over Windows NT Network is efficient as time is saved and work made easier.


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