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Every profession has code and standards. Therefore, a professional is recognized not only for his skills but also acting upon the applied code and standards. These code and standards defines the values and behavior of professionals towards their professional responsibilities. For instance, caring science study and practice needs humanitarianism and care of the creature. Theory of caring science is about the care of human kind according to the psychological behavior and to treat them in their poor health. The wider vision of caring science is to take care of human-beings from individual level, to others, to community, to world, to planet, earth and to the universe. Therefore, as I am working as respiratory therapist my profession also applies some code and standard to obey and follow.

My website, code and standards:

The award of licenses strictly follows the rules and regulation applied by the Luisaina Board of Medical Examiners. The academic standards code of conduct and other standards applied supposed to be must followed by the practitioners.

The code and standard:

The rules and regulation code and standards are made by the rulemaking committee under the practice act. It includes two phases prior certification rules and post certification rules. Both are must and mandatory to fulfill. The prior certification rules code and standards include examination of the candidate’s academic qualification practical experience and other credentials to be authentic and acceptable to the governing body. The post certification code and standards relates to the patient and practitioner relation. It authoritatively binds the practitioner to practice according to the appended rules and regulations by the authority.

The rules:

Although there are many rules to follow the overall code and of conduct and standards and it is impossible to mention all of them. However, some of them referred to the skills, appropriate equipment, operative procedures, record keeping and report requirement etc. Skills are mandatory and also tested prior to certification; however, if there is any ambiguity found in the skills rules said the license would be cancelled. Appropriate equipment is mandatory in the clinic if it is found inappropriate it would also a reason to cancel the license of practice. Operative procedure are very strict should be consider all the standards applied therein. Record keeping and report requirement are most mandatory which shows the clear overall ("Luisaina board of,”).

What values is the code built upon and which behaviors are prohibited?

An immature and irresponsible behavior is prohibited in the code and standards applied by the governing body. The value which has built upon by the code is the prime service to the patient and not to commit negligence and will not be tolerated. Therefore, the prime aim of the code of conduct and standard rules applied by the Luisaina Board of Medical Examiners is to protect the interest of client/patient and to precede the professionalism in accordance to the standards.


All the above mentioned code, standards and rules are to built and maintain professionalism. Moreover, it is mandatory in the filed of medical and caring science to maintain the high standards of codes and rules to make it the best for the people. The healthcare and well being of people is first priority to the government and institutions.

My statement:

I totally agree with the code and standards applied by the Luisaina Board of Medical Examiners. These are mandatory to keep high standard of highly concerned medical and caring department. The caring and medical science field has no chance of have negligence, so, the criteria of standard and rules applied for code of conduct are excellent, professional and practical.


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