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Proper maintenance of a personal computer ensures that the machine does not succumb to sudden failures caused by fragmentation, dust, and viruses. Research also indicates that computers sometimes fail because of the environmental factors; thus, it is essential to subject a personal computer to frequent maintenance routines in order to boost its functioning. Proper computer maintenance involves a variety of things such as wiping the dust from the machine, avoiding turning off the computer using the power button, using of a UPS, defragmenting, and using antivirus sofware. When all these rules are closely observed, a personal computer will operate at its best, as it will have enough space on drive C: and will be protected from viruses.

This paper provides an analysis regarding proper computer maintenance.

Firstly, research shows that it is necessary to wipe the dust off a personal computer. This is because dust causes some gadgets in the machine to slow their performance. Dust also causes some electronic components of a personal computer to fail. Dust is the main environmental factor that leads to computer failure. it also affects the processor, and it can malfunction if the dust is not blown off.

Secondly, proper shutdown of the machine is advisable. This is because switching computer off using the power switch results in hard disk defects. A host of operating system problems also emanates from turning off the machine using the power switch. Thus, it is advisable that one goes to the “start menu” and press the shut down icon to turn off the personal computer.

Another procedure of proper maintenance of a personal computer involves use of UPS. Uninterrupted Power Supply protects the machine from high and low voltage occurrences and so is essential for preventing computer crash. In addition, UPS ensures that the information stored in computers is not lost. Thus, it allows a person to turn off the computer as required during blackouts.

Defragmentation also helps in proper personal computer maintenance. Defragmenting is important because it helps in organizing files in the hard drive. Research points out that is one of the ways of preventing the hard drive from crashing. Alternatively, a person can employ disk utility programs that ensure that the hard drive functions well.

Personal computer maintenance also involves preventing many programs from running after the machine has been turned on. The programs should not run because they use Windows resources and memory. One can prevent unnecessary program running by configuring them not to load when the machine boots.

Lastly, the use of an antivirus on personal computers is strongly recommended. There are many antivirus programs used for protection of the personal computer. Nonetheless, it is essential that a personal computer has an antivirus checker, which loads when the machine is turned on. The antivirus checker indicates the virus in a certain file or disk, and removes it. Some of the recommended antiviruses include Ad Aware, Panda, Spyware Doctor, and Bit Defender Total Security. Personal computers should also be firewalled if connected to a network or the Internet.

In conclusion, personal computers require proper maintenance so as to prevent their sudden failures. Thus, a variety of maintenance routines have been outlined above such as wiping the dust off computers, defragmenting the hard drive, switching the computer on and off properly, using of a UPS, and preventing many programs from loading after the computer has been turned on. These steps contribute to good functioning of a personal computer.


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