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The presence of computer networks and internet has completely revolutionized the way of life as compared to the time when computers first appeared, they were large multi-user devices locked behind a door and were used as data center and users had no access and handed a request to an operator. During this era there was no real security issue because computers were not networked and internet never existed and most of the data was stored on paper in file cabinets.  

Enterprise Network Security

Enterprise Network Security is the set of controls required to maintain compliance with regulatory constraints within a network aimed at protecting intellectual property. Though not all critical business systems remain available and some data is still available. A good Enterprise Network Security should comprise of three major components; it must ensure confidentiality in that sensitive data should only be handled by the right people without the wrong people having access to it, the data must maintain high levels of integrity and should be available for use but without taking down the entire system.

However, due to high network interconnectivity and mobility, security threats to an enterprise are increasingly high; a personal computer connected on a network is a point of attack. The common security threats are viruses, worms and Trojan horses. Viruses are special computer codes which perform destructive acts such as deleting files by secretly reproducing. Worms are programs hidden in emails and that shut down a computer and the entire system. Trojan horses are unauthorized instructions that hide in a program that perform damaging activities. An example is the Slammer, a worm, which spread worldwide in 11 minutes infecting 55 million hosts per second.

Another major threat to network security is hacking, either from outside hackers and internal personnel. Outside hackers target businesses and financial institutions with an aim of exploiting and terrorizing them while internal hackers are unsatisfied employees who maliciously delete corporate files.

Protection of the enterprise’s network is essential for the enterprise’s survival and protection from both internal and external threats must be strengthened. Protection measures consist of measures such as antivirus protection, firewalls, special intrusion detection systems and password management.

Network traffic should be monitored for security attacks, vulnerabilities and unusual events. All these are essential for any security strategy. Some typical monitoring solutions include the Intrusion detection sensors available for monitoring real time traffic arriving at your computer. Enterprises should incorporate Internet Security Scanner which is an excellent testing tool that monitors all the data into an organization. Enterprises utilize analog dial lines to determine open lines that could be used by security hackers.

The main complement is that the article has a detailed explanation on enterprise network security that helps readers to be well informed and identify potential sources of network threats and solutions to such threat. Individuals connected to the internet and corporate have equal threat because of common internet connectivity. In my opinion, I criticize the author’s failure to represent some information with diagrams such as different computer connections in a network and even to the internet servers.


Enterprise network security is important to the success of any business and must be the priority of every business to ensure its data is safe and protected from all kinds of attacks internally and externally.


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