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Computers have very volatile technologies constantly being developed and upgraded everyday. System requirements very much depend on what a computer will be put to use on especially PCs. It is recommended that most computers should use technology that will accommodate the changes inherent of this industry as well as interact with other systems, especially the Operating Systems. Macintosh Linux and Microsoft are come of the leading operating system in the world today, thus they should be put in consideration and a choice made according to the user needs.

The recommended computer system specifications for the latest Windows are a processor of about 2 Gigahertz speed or faster, and preferably Intel Duo Core, a RAM of no less than one Gigabyte and a higher RAM is preferable depending on the user requirements and a Hard disk that exceeds 80 Gigabytes. Other hardware requirements should ensure the computers Optical Drive is a CD-RW, DVD Combo or a DVD-RW, a wireless network card of 10/100 MBPS and a Modem of 56K to access home internet. The computer must also be equipped with basic software lie an Antivirus (the latest which is updated) an operating system like Microsoft XP, Windows Vista Basic or Windows 7 and preferably a word processing software i.e. Word Perfect or Microsoft Word.

Virtual explorer server usually uses a processor with a minimum of 3.6 GHz processing speed of a Pentium 4 together with a Hyper Threading speed. A minimum of 2GB of RAM is also required with a resolution of 800×600×24 Bit colors. A Microsoft compatible CD ROM as the Optical disk reader and an Operating system of Windows 2003 Service pack 1 of higher. At least two hard drives RAID’ed for maximum speed and a networking speed of 1.0GBs. These are its ideal requirements per se.

Virtual Explorer Clients has a preference for a 2.8 GHz processing speed of a Pentium four. A system RAM of about 512 MB will suffice with no clear cut requirements for the Hard drive although over 40GB of Hard drive is sufficient. The system includes a VRAM OpenGL Graphics Card and a minimum resolution of 800×600×24 Bt Colors. An optical media reader which should preferably be a Microsoft Window compatible CD-ROM and a network speed of 768 Kbits/sec or better. An Operating system of Windows XP Professional or Windows 2000 SP3 will suffice.

Out of the systems afore mentioned I would go for the first as it satisfied my requirements for a computer system especially with its compatibility and use of later versions of an operating system as well as a very large hard drive capacity and RAM. Its ability to access home network through the modem and other specification that enhance internet access with an Intel Duo core makes it the ideal system for use. This is unlike the explorer client with a Ram of 512 MB of RAM

System Report

For a most suitable system I sought a system that has a very large memory in terms of RAM and Hard drive. System speed had to be over two Gigahertz and the system processor a Pentium 3 and preferably 4. Networking speed of the system had to be high-speed with ability to access Home Network as well as compatibility with advancing technologies and ability to accommodate the latest software advancement especially the Operating software. I chose the Latest Widows specification because it met most of my requirements out of the Explorer Server, Explorer Client and Explorer Architect. Which were all good but did not surpass the preferences I had set because they exceeded the minimum requirements but were not as exemplary to my specifications as the Latest Windows?


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