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The hearing loss among population is one of the problems that could destroy the confidence and life of any individuals. This research paper reveals different logs that show the way to search through the site and find needed information on the topic that is related to the people who suffer from the hearing loss. It reveals the features that each lo log of the web browser has.

Internet Log

Our achievers and groundbreakers, at a glance

The current log represents the people with problems of hearing and their historical contribution to the history of the country. Here, readers can easily find the short and full review of the bibliography of the people who made the significant contribution to the development of the deaf community and increased the role of people with hearing problems in the American society. They have expanded and improved the American culture. The great achievements of these people in sport, literature, art, science, aviation and other important segments of the developed society changed the attitude towards people who have any types of disorders.  Here is only a little amount of deaf people who became famous due to their accomplishments. The whole gallery of the achievers is much bigger. If you click on each tile, you will open the information about the life of the particular person. It is convenient for students and any users to use it for collecting information for their researches. The whole bibliography is available for the student for 5 dollars.  

Deaf leaders of today

This log describes the most famous people with the hearing problems who are known to the mankind by their acts of bravery, discoveries and other achievements. The readers could find the complete information about the people with the hearing problems of the current generation. As the leaders of the deaf communities they serve as a links with normal people. The web browser is always updating with the important and interesting information. It could be useful for students, teachers as well as for regular users of the internet who interesting in particular topic. In comparison with other browsers, is the most informative and easy to use. Each known personality is described in a separate article, which opens in a new window.     

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How to help child adjust to hearing aids

The current log of the web browser represents the article about the methods that would help for the parents to adjust in their children the hearing aids. For children the hearing aids are unknown and they want to take them out. The is an opportunity for everyone to put the interesting information. It could then be useful for the readers. The particular article contains the real story of the parent who gives the tips based on his own experience. The page also has links to the videos with the related topic. It also has links to the other pages on the From those pages readers could find more information on the topic that related with deaf people. It gives them the opportunity to search about this problem in wider range. The related information is divided into category. It is convenient for the readers to search and choose the needed information to read.    

‘Deaf culture’ taught at American Sign Language school

This web page contains the useful information for Americans with hearing loss and their families. This article reveals the about one of the special schools for these people. The woman who is the principal in this school tells about her work and why she dedicated her time to master the language and make the deaf culture equally to other normal students. This site is a support for people who feel aggrieved because of the partial or total loss of hearing. Also, it is a source of information and even advertising on American Sign Language School. This article is just a small effort and could serve as a trigger to create a separate cite with more complete information on the related topic. However, these sources of information about Deaf Culture are very useful for our society. Compared to other sites on the subject, this site is informative in its story about the experience of the individual. Articles with specific examples from the real life are sometimes more convenient than specialized and full of different information sites.

How the internet helps deaf science students create new signs

The internet has made the lives of many deaf people is much easier. With it, anyone can quickly find the any type of the information, watch video tutorials, read useful articles. This article reveals the prospective gains to the free access to educational materials for deaf Internet users. This site provides the opportunity to inform people about the possibilities of new gadgets. The article serves as the addition example and shows how easily the people with hearing problems can communicate with friends and family. How they can send their information over the internet. . This article makes it clear for people with defect of hearing that the state and society care about them and offer new ways of solving problems. The site also allows all readers to discuss various issues relating to set out the topic.

Deaf Culture

This site is providing the information about deaf culture. The American deaf community is the strong culture that shares a common sense of pride. The members of the community have a negative attitude towards people with hearing problems who try to speak and think like hearing person. For deaf people, it is really important to establish their own culture in order to establish the path of development for people with hearing loss. The cultural identity allows them to feel themselves as people without any disorders within deaf community. The current log represents the information about the deaf culture and aimed to help for the readers to understand that deaf culture has its own power and pride. It has the site search engine that would help for anyone to fide the needed information. It also has a site map that divide the content into category. It has a link to, which could provide with the books on the related topic.


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