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Exactly three months from the date of signing the contract, A-Team will commence the construction. Equipment and other relevant materials will be moved to the site. Construction will run for 10 months excluding certain dates as stipulated in the contract. The following will be done for the first one week; setting up the job site trailer, receiving the keys from the client, and reviewing the schedule once more with the client. Remember that close coordination between the client and the construction team is pertinent.

The initial phase will specifically deal with Construction preparations. This will happen in the second week of the commencement of the project. The team shall liaise with the client during this phase to ensure that all properties in the house remain secure. The A-Team crew will work to protect the existing home, any remaining furniture, all cabinets, and secure any other items in the house. This includes covering the floors with plastic and taping the edges, then covering with heavy drop cloths. Cabinets will be covered in plastic and taped; furniture will be covered in drop cloths as well for additional protection. Cabinets and drawers will be sealed with tape to prevent dust contamination. All electrical and plumbing fixtures and all interior doors will be removed and safely stored.

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The second phase will involve Demolition; this is expected to be done in the second third week. The ceiling, attic, and roof of the house will be removed per plan where the addition is to be built. All interior and exterior walls will be opened up for structural retrofits as required by the structural engineer. Electrical and plumbing will be removed per plan in the construction area. After the second phase, an audit will be carried out to establish the progress in the work and to ascertain whether the project is progressing as planned or not. By now, we shall expect the work to have cost an estimated $3000.

In exactly the second month of the program, the second phase will commence. This will involve Structural retrofit. The existing first floor structure will be retrofitted per plan to handle the addition of the second story. This includes adding additional framing into walls at bearing load points, increasing header size over windows and doors, and installation of sheer walls as required. This phase is expected to last for two months. In terms of cost, it is estimated that it will cost a third of the total cost.

The third phase will come five months since the start of the project. This will entail reconstructing the Second story. Framing in this phase consists of framing the floor, interior and exterior walls, and the roof. All new framing will be tied into the existing structure as specified by the plan. This will last for two months. After this stage, the project will now be half way. The same should be reflected in the budget.

The fourth phase will include roughing, roofing, and siding. All electrical, plumbing, and HVAC will be roughed in per plan, including reconnection of all plumbing and electrical and HVAC systems removed in Phase 1. Roofing and siding will be installed and painted per plan to seal and dry in the building. All exterior windows and doors installed per plan. This phase is expected to last for a month. In terms of costs, it is expected to consume 20% of the total budget.

The last construction phase will cover the interior of the building includes insulation, drywall, doors, bathroom, tile, cabinets; interior and exterior painting; flooring; and all electrical and plumbing finish trim. Again, this work is supposed to last for one month and 20% of the total budget will be spent on this stage. The final and crucial stage will be wrapping up and punch list. The final phase consists of client walkthrough, creating a punch list of work to be detailed or corrected, final cleanup, mop-out, and turnover of the project back to the client. The work at this stage should be 100% complete. Cost variations should range from 2% to 5% of the total cost.


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