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It is common among civil engineers to have papers pile up on the desk throughout the course of the day. These are normally paper plans, invoices among other requirements in an office setting. Often a contraction setting, test of model bridge constriction, competitions in bridge building involves students flavors, and to many facilitators believe this is what it takes to be an engineer.  To develop a standard bridge, there is designing structures as described in instruction specifications, while performing the given tasks.  This is boosted by availability of academic orientation and extra –curricular activities recognized a cross the school systems.

The report discusses standard basic structures components, for instance arches and beams, struts among many other constructional structures.  This explains specific form of structure that might be ordinary and small examples which can be found in different places and more often these kinds of structures are large and famous. The project structures, with a polarity of solutions serve as engines in assisting the practical invention that leads to formation of structures that meet different expectations. This is realized in achieving a range of professional, transferable and social competencies, under the guidance of qualified professionals.

The report looks at structures that are mainly heavy and rigid but made by individuals with different skills, for many these are extra criteria for example portability, ease when it concerns assembling and dismantling and more importantly when materials are needed to be use and they are locally available. These dwelling explains extreme spectrum while on the other side there are pyramids, which are almost completely solid and immensely heavy.   In developing a portable construction structures, engineers design structural objects that can be left behind since they are more often cheap, for instance snow house. A typical example can be constriction of a snow-hole of mountaineers who are caught up by poor weather conditions.

  A project-oriented, problem based approach used in engineering designing, is essentially used to obligate students in grappling on with the reality in designing bridges  models, thereby gaining the relevant practical experience in problem-solving in a multiple disciplines. According to Smith (2003, p. 42), most of the required skills have to be independent which is characterized by students in the engineering field, working through different tasks necessary to complete specified projects. In achieving a successful project completion, student on practical have to work effectively as a team in analyzing, optimizing and evaluating the performance of their design solutions ion respect to the specifications, while communicating their individual ideas in a most effective way of either oral or in written project reports. Currently these are part of the practical skills and organizations requirements in presenting a given engineering designs, with  more focus laid on a particular module that is civil engineering  when it concerns bridge structuring (Smith, 2003, p.47).  


Bridge projects more often calls for a multi-disciplinary, problem-based engineering designed project. Working under this project requires group work, with typical groups of four to five individuals who pose mixed abilities to encouraged and develop a series of written specifications. The project developers have to set a timeframe and submission deadlines for civil practical. For student practitioners the course has placed them in a centre of learning responsibility. This is established largely by facilitators. In these civil practices, skills have to be of independent individuals enhanced by learning and developed by student practitioners. For improved performance, student on practical are occasionally assessed by the facilitators through a full project portfolios. This is designed to motivate them. More emphasis should be laid on considerable enthusiasm and interaction among the student on practice.   


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