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Grendels were a total nightmare to me and my people since I took over the throne. To contemplate that my kingdom would be brought down by the Grendels was hard. I woke up to a rude shock one morning to find the Heorot hall was no more. This I did not take easily. “I want Grendel and all his descendants dead. Get me somebody who can wipe out those mongrels”, I told one of my kinsmen. I immediately ordered all my servants to go far and wide looking for a warrior or a magician who could do just that. I was ready to pay any price. The hall was a treasure to my kingdom and I would wine and dine with all my warriors, great Danish men and women would occasionally meet here for ceremonies. Since its construction by Shield Sheafson, my lord, the demons had always tried to destroy it to no avail. In addition, many of my people had been killed by this swampland demon and any attempts to put this to an end had become futile. Time had surely come to put this menace to an end.

After a thorough search in the whole of Denmark, without getting a suitable candidate for the task, my men extended the dragnet to Geat land. This was after an advice from Aeschere one of my great advisors since I took over the throne. Little did it dawn on me that Ecgtheow a Geatish friend of mine had a son who was a great fighter and had received the news of my plight. I had met Beowulf’s father earlier while working in Denmark in a goldmine and offered him some food and water as he had starved greatly since that time, he became a good friend. The last time when I went checking on him, the supervisor at the mine told me that he had gone back to his country that’s when I learnt he was from Geatland. Ecgtheow’s son offered to accept the challenge and three days later arrived in Denmark accompanied by his men fully determined to defeat the Grendels.

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On arrival, I quickly organized a welcome party for the young warrior and his men and it is during the feasting that Danish by the name Unferth picks on Beowulf accusing him of not being worth of his reputation. The young warrior brags of his achievements which to me sounds great, a confirmation that something good was in the offing. His determination and confidence gives morale to my warriors who have all along been demoralized. While the feasting was still in progress and everybody was in a jovial mood, Grendel ruins everything but all is set. The young Geatish warrior fights him bare hands a big surprise to all who witnesses the battle. He manages to tear the monster’s arm wounding him badly, on seeing this Grendel quickly runs away towards the swamp to die there. This is a great achievement to my kingdom and we hung Grendel’s arm in the Mead-hall as a trophy of victory.

I organize another party in the honor of the Geatish warrior so as to reward him handsomely for his great work. My choir organizes some songs in honor of Beowulf and we celebrate late into the night. When everybody was in a celebrating mood, I knew that something bad was on the way coming. I quickly alert Beowulf that Grendel’s mother might strike any time seeking to avenge the death of his son. This I knew would happen any time and surely she strikes killing one of my kinsmen Aeschere. On seeing this, the young warrior organizes his men for an ambush of Grendel’s mother who resided in underwater lair. On reaching there he dives into the water to fight the deadly monster killing her with a sword for a giant removing his head and brings it to me as a prize. On seeing this am pleased now that my people have been saved from the worse nightmare that have haunted them days without end. He departs to his home the following day but this does not go well with me as he is like a son to me. 

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