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The book, Teaching Reading and Writing Through Children’s Literature, by K. Sue Bradley, Jack A. Bradley, and Shirley Ermis aims at guiding teachers on effective methods of nurturing children. It offers valuable lessons on teaching young children’s literature. The book gives insight on how best to teach a child search for information and analyze it. The chapter on evaluating websites can assist children research various information, understand and analyze it (K. Bradley, J. Bradley, and Ermis 102). Other equally weighty lessons I learnt from this book include how to help the learner understand the environment and predict events. The use of Sylvester and the Magic Pebble example covers it.

Of all items in this book, my favorite one is how its use helps the student analyze different situations to find solutions to life issues. Many of the examples aim at developing the children’s critical thinking ability so as to interpret different kinds of information. The use of Newspaper Scavenger Hunt example will help in a research class, it will assist the child to know how to seek solutions to certain situations.

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In a science or literature lesson it is possible to use such example as Sylvester and the Magic Pebble because it covers both scientific and literature topics. Putting down of questions for the children to answer aims at developing the student’s ability to analyze situations critically and interpret them. Questions such as “For how long did Sylvester remain a rock?” and “Did Sylvester live with parents until he was old enough to find a job?” will make the child carefully analyze and interpret the events in the book to answer the questions (Bradley et al. 149). Using this example in a literature class will develop student’s creativity due to the responses to some of the questions are absent in the book. The child has to think of possible answers.

In conclusion, the examples and situations in the book are useful in teaching young children. All these examples involve practical activities that will help the learner remember the lessons. Using this book in class will lead to better performance for the students.

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