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In the short story, the lady or the tiger by Frank Stockton, the princess must have led her lover towards the door with the tiger. Jealousy is the prime motive behind her decision. The lady had lost her man at the moment his father imprisoned him since the outcome of trial would either have the lover married to another woman or killed by a tiger. In matters of love, it commonly occurs that a lover selfishly chooses to sate their interests. The love the princess had for the young man would drive her to a point of irrationality where she could not tolerate him being happy with another woman, let alone a woman she hated. The supposition that she chose the tiger is agreeable to since there are many stories of love gone sour where lovers kill their spouses for cheating. In this case, she would lose him completely to another woman.

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Unlike all the people in the arena, she has reason to grief in either case; whether he sends her lover to the tiger or to the lady. Choosing the door with the tiger would be a far more bearable grief than to see him get married to the lady. However the people in the arena witnessing the destiny of the princess’s lover, including the king, are non partisan, they would be witnesses of her public defeat as her lover would be united in holy matrimony to the lady. Sending her lover to death would also be a far more honorable way of losing him. In fact she could have believed in his bravery which would make him ready to die for her. This weird idea of men playing the hero even in desperate cases is often entertained by ladies who have a very high esteem of themselves. Her station as the princess would also make her feel justified to choose death to the man she thought adored her.

The princess had undergone stressful experiences since her lover was imprisoned. However, the suffering would end if she let the tiger have him but would continue if she let the lady have him. The authoritative barbaric king had declared that the prisoner would be permanently married to the lady if he chose the door to the room she was in. It would be hard for the princess to bear forgoing the love she had for the young man if he was alive but could do so if he were dead. She would also risk the wrath of her father if she let him live since she would probably have an affair with him, something that was outlawed. It is common knowledge that lovers who are separated by factors beyond their control have affairs when they have a chance to.

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