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7 Websites All Students Need to Use

7 Websites All Students Need to Use

Studying today is so much easier than it was years ago. Now we have an access to all information in the world just from out phones, and many people work to provide us with tools and resources that can make studying simpler. Don’t take it for granted and check out these useful websites and apps for students.

How to Study

Let’s start with the basics. How to Study offers a lot of useful and practical information on how to get the most out of your studying sessions. It’s helpful for both students and teachers alike because there you can find a lot of learning materials that can be used by everyone.

Study Blue

More than 350 million users have accumulated a library full of useful materials that now everyone can use. You can find everything from quizzes to personalized notes on different subjects there. The website is well-organized so you won’t lose your way but are bound to find something useful for one of your courses.


Getting overwhelmed by the amount of information you need to learn? Try Studygs to make things more organized. This resource has a lot of study strategies and guides that will shed a light even on the most complicated courses. You just need to find ones that suit you and apply them practically.

Study Stack

Do you like flashcards but hate carrying stacks of them around? Then Study Stack is you electronic storage for all flashcards you might need. You can use already existing ones or just create new ones to fit your needs. Whatever option you choose, you can always be sure that all your flashcards are stored in one place.


Quizlet is considered to be one of the best free study tools. Many people think that it’s just another flashcard app, but in reality there is so much more to it. Quizlet can make studying fun with different games, guides, and quizzes. The thing is that the website and its app are so comfortable and easy to use that you don’t even notice how you memorize things while just doing simple activities.


Sometimes studying gets too overwhelming or confusing and you need more help than usual. That’s when Bookrags comes into the game. Hundreds of free essays, study guides, lesson plans, and answers to home assignments will save you from a nervous breakdown whether you’re a student or a teacher. We all need a bit of help sometimes and it’s just not smart to miss out on this great resource.


Similar to the first resource, Hippocampus is there to make studying easier. It has hundreds of video tutorials that will teach you how not to study hard but to study smart. It’s great not even for students but for everyone who deals with perceiving new information on a daily basis.

These seven websites are just the tip of the iceberg of all those helpful resources that you might find on the world web. Just don’t forget to use the power of the Internet not only for entertainment but also for learning.


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