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6 Most Common Mistakes We Make When Looking for the First Job

Finding a job is a process that takes a lot of effort. Those, who got their jobs after the first interview, are lucky because for the majority the search is a lot more stressful and time consuming.

Lacking Proactivity

Young adults, who have just finished college, might not understand the competitiveness of the job market. With the high rates of unemployment, each vacancy is likely to be pursued not only by you, but also by a bunch of other people, some of whom might be more qualified or suitable for the job. That’s why don’t wait for a sudden invitation from your dream job, you have to find it yourself and fight for it if necessary.

Staying Impersonal

The resumes that simply enumerate your education and achievements are not likely to get you far. Instead, your aim should be to create a full picture of yourself as a personality. Focus on the things that you can offer for your potential employer and make them understand that your cooperation can be beneficial not only for you, but also for their organization.



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Not Socializing

Having personal connections can tremendously help you in life. The same refers to looking for a job. Don’t be shy to talk to people you know and ask them for a piece of advice. Some can even recommend you to their acquaintances, who are hiring new workers, and give positive references.

Creating Negative Image

Once you’ve stepped on the path of job hunting, it’s time to clear your image online and appear professional. Recently, employers started checking social media profiles of candidates. Make sure that your Facebook profile doesn’t have anything controversial or provoking a negative reaction. These things include alcohol, smoking and nudity.

Having too High Expectations

Undoubtedly, being ambitious is a good feature in the modern world. However, sometimes people can overestimate their chances and have too high expectations for the future. In every likelihood, your first job won’t be perfect. And it’s logical, in order to work in a prestige company you first need to gain some experience and develop necessary skills. That’s the role your first job has to fulfil.

Not Preparing for an Interview

Even if this job is not on the top of your list, it doesn’t mean that you can slack the interview. This experience can prepare you for the future, so approach it with deliberation. Remember that job interviews are packed with thought-provoking questions, so be ready to answer them. Also, pay attention to your appearance and behavior if you want to be taken seriously.

Searching for a job is something we all go through. The key to success is in thinking ahead and being prepared for different situations. Avoid these mistakes and you’re bound to find your first job shortly.


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