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Pros and Cons of Being a Student

Obviously, college is another important step in our lives. New friends, a new environment, new actions, new problems, everything is taking you throughout being a real “student.” Let’s talk about pros and cons of being an undergraduate.

Future Job

College starts when you’re approximately 16-17 years old and can singly choose the right course of study. For instance, you’re dreaming of being a professional web-designer or business manager. You probably don’t need to study extra philosophy or medicine for that, right?


When you’re studying at college, you are inevitably going to meet new friends. Friendship in college is considered to be the strongest and longest one. Moreover, that fact that college is an “international” place where you can meet people from all over the world and make up friendship with them makes it great to get closer to different cultures and traditions.

Ability to Organize Yourself

College life shows you how to meet up your deadlines. It is very useful to know how to spend your next day in order not to fail the exam or to send your essay for checking in time. Being organized is an inseparable part of mature life, so appreciate it.



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Social Activity

As it was mentioned before, college helps you to find yourself. Maybe, you’ve never tried football or basketball before. You can easily join training at any time you want. Most colleges are even supporting their students to do different sport. Moreover, by participating in different activities and events, you can investigate your talent. Try dancing, singing, performing different art etc.

Becoming Flexible and Experienced

“Failure is a chance to start over, but more wisely,” said Henry Ford. Sometimes, it is very hard, but one extra mile makes your dream come true. College is going to teach you how to work under pressure and how to be flexible enough to avoid overwhelming. 

Great Changes

College is literally upgrading your personality and making “a better version of you” afterwards. Don’t be afraid to accept those changes as they lead you to a more serious, mature life.  

As you can notice, being a student is like training in a gym. Yeah, it’s changeling and sometimes hard, but it is making you stronger, smarter and more mature after all. Face everything hard and learn how to manage problems. Become flexible, organized and active. I bet you won’t regret being a student.


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