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Different Types of Identity

What is identity? And what does define it? To my mind, this term is equal to words individuality, self-esteem, and personality. It is a whole image of a person with his beliefs, views, mind, character, and look.

Moreover, identity cards include various data about the person, even biometric identification. With a technology progress, which definitely makes our lives easier (agree, you have at least once bought something on the Internet!), there are some cons of this mobility and convenience.

Have you ever thought about that fact that your identity can be stolen? No? Surprisingly enough, there are different kinds of identity thefts which have many consequences.

For example, here common ones of them:

  • Identity Crimes for Financial Purposes. Frauds are made to have access to the person’s accounts and create new ones, financial transaction, etc.
  • Theft of Identity for Criminal Use. These types of crimes are about the use of personal data to avoid law responsibility upon arrest or in the investigation.
  • Identity Cloning. A criminal actually steals your personal information (from name to the place your live, work and so on) and living your life in whole.

The outcomes of these frauds can be dramatic. It is not only about money, time,  violation itself, and psychology as well. The process of restoring of your personal information (and your good name) might be exhausting, lengthy, and costly.



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Unfortunately, identity theft is becoming more and more widespread problem nowadays. The methods of this kind of fraud are promptly progress.

To sum up, be very careful with your personal data, especially in the Internet and social media, because these are the first places where your information can be stolen. Try your best to protect identity, be cautious while sharing information, photos in networks and keep your finances secure.


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