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How Caffeine and a Balanced Diet May Influence Memorizing Process?

Caffeine and a Balanced Diet

One of the most effective methods to keep you upbeat during a day is to drink a cup of coffee in the morning. This is a time-tested experience for millions of Americans.

Journal of Nutrition publishes results of its research on a monthly basis. They deal with an influence of caffeine on human’s mental activities. It proves that it give not only fleeting effect but can charge our body to be alert all the day long.

One more interesting idea to improve our thinking process is to have a drink that contains alcohol. Although, this method may seem to be controversial, you can try following the tip to consume it within a measure. What is more, sticking to a balanced diet may be even more beneficial to be high-spirited.

Recently, the scientists of the National Institute on Aging conducted a research on human alertness sense. Leading authorities in the field estimated that men and women who drink coffee or alcohol or follow healthy food ideas could complete the given test much more quickly than others. The winning positions were taken by people who have healthy ration. The less successful were those who intake booze. Let’s get to know more how it all works.

How Does Caffeine Work?

Have you ever thought what happens with your organism after taking a cup of joe?  Suddenly you receive a boost of energy and it really picks you up. It happens due to the functioning of caffeine and its cheating on your brain. The most obvious thing it does is stimulating. Nevertheless, from the biological point of view, it can be explained as blocking of the receptors which are in charge of adenosine.  This way, an excitatory chemical can easily get in and create a special effect so that we feel full of beans and ready to work.

Can Alcohol Be Really Helpful?

The method could hardly bring hope if you do not watch up what and how much you drink. It has proved its ability to empower us to be more attentive and develop the working memory. Especially it is impactful for women in their 70th. On the contrary, booze reduces our possibilities to think and to pursuit aimed activities. Additionally, too much alcohol per day may bring harm to our health.

Healthy Food Choices

Also, the study could not black out the relation of complete nutrition to the functioning of our brain. Plenty of carbohydrates are not only fuel to our body but it may also perform a positive agency on the mind. It helps to memorize better and polishes thinking skills. The Mediterranean diet is recognized to be one of the best as it suggests eating nuts, fruits, olive oil, sea products, and vegetables. As a matter of a fact, such a balanced way of nutritional well-being prevents from serious conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Therefore, try to find a golden mean for you. Enhance the mental performance applying different methods. A key point is not to forget that the body is a mechanism that combines a lot of processes at once whether they are visible or invisible to you. They are interdependent. When one of them goes wrong, it may bring about a chain reaction.


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