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How to Spend Your Summer Creatively?

How to Spend Your Summer Creatively

Summer is the best time to go outside and to dive into a sunny world of joy. The days are longer, so you can do more things and still have time to hang out with friends. However, how to be sure you spend your time creative and well enough? Try the following suggestions and make your summer as beneficial as possible!

Don’t think like all others do. Turn on your imagination switcher and create different characters while making the observation on the street. Bring along a pencil or a notebook – you never know who you are going to meet and, of course, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to write down a description of another outstanding character for your novel, story or a game, for instance. A notebook can also become a nice idea pool afterwards. In case you prefer to have fun together with friends, you always can invite them to join you and challenge each other to find various characters.

I bet you know about summer reading list and how it works. I want you to create an analogue of it. Creating summer creativity list may become a really interesting challenge for you. Just pick what you like the most (singing, writing, cooking, etc.) and stick to it using this list more often and more creative. If you’re an artist who always draws landscapes, make it possible to draw 10 portraits of random people (or relatives) from your town. If you’re a musician who usually writes rock music, try yourself in modern electronic music and vice versa. The main thing is to stick to summer creativity list as you did with your summer reading list. Follow your list as you are going to be graded by the strictest teacher at the end of summer. This makes it even more fun!

Participate in as many creative activities as possible during your summer break. You also can encourage your friends to join you. Not only you are going to feel relaxed after spending summer this way, but also you are going to feel accomplished afterwards. That’s really how it should be!

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