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What Moments from Your Life Can Make Great Essay Material?

Memory is a depository of information. Some is about knowledge. Some is about memories from the past. Though, each piece of it can be useful for creative essay writing. The experience of the past can be a foundation for amazing and absorbing stories. The interaction of imagination and memory creates writing masterpieces. Use them as your tools!

Fiction and Personal Papers

Such assignments are rare in academic world, but they happen. In this case, you can take the advantage of your memory. The first thing you should consider is a person or thing you want to tell about. Think about your observations first and then complete a narration plan. Remember, that you can start from the end in order to provide some intrigue, or omit mentioning some facts till the last paragraph in order to absorb readers’ attention. Think about you argument or dilemma too. As soon as you have thought over all points, you are ready to start writing your draft.

Choice of Topic

Everything and everybody around you can become the topic of your essay. You are mistaken if you believe that routine is dull. It is miraculous. Ray Bradbury demonstrated it in his novel Dandelion Wine. Every moment and every habit, every single action are unique and meaningful. Contemporary people are just too busy to notice this. Your task is to renew this magnetic world perception in a scholar manner. Love to life around, imagination and eloquence will assist you. 



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You should not anticipate a masterpiece at once. The first task is just to start writing even if it does not go smoothly. It is always easier to correct than to create something from the very beginning. Just write the first sentence and proceed to the next one. Allow your ideas and thoughts to flow. You can come up with the idea even in the second paragraph. It is okay. The first words can be deleted later, but the most important thing is to catch the muse and go on and on.

Establishing Argument

Each action has its purpose. Your essay should have it too. Think about the reasons why this topic or event is important for you. It can be an unpleasant incident, something that changed your life, something that surprised you or just trivial issues, which pushed you to the introspection. What is your message for the readers?

Review of the Assignment

Do not confuse it with proofreading. You will complete it too, but later. The first task is to reread your essay critically and correct some words, add new information and delete paragraphs, which are out of the topic. Be critique and objective. Remember that there should not be any controversies. It is often better to do this task the next day. Such an approach will make your view fresh and more analytical.

Practice is the best teacher. Even if you are not satisfied with your writing today, remember that it will become better in a month or year. Hard work gives the best polish. Believe in yourself!


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