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Narrative Essay Outline Writing Help

You’re lucky if you have to write a narrative essay! This essay is easy to write as it doesn’t have many limitations. You just need to narrate something that really happened to you – any funny, sad or happy story from your life. You won’t need to seek for any sources. Moreover, your essay can’t be wrong – after all, it’s your life story! Nevertheless, there are still some requirements you need to follow while writing a narrative essay.

Tips on Writing a Narrative Essay

  1. Write a narrative outline. Before beginning to write an essay, you have to understand the goal of your writing. Also, remember to write your essay in chronological order. To adhere to these two requirements, you should write an outline. It’ll help you choose a specific topic and organize your essay well, keeping a proper order throughout the paper.
  2. Make a thesis statement. It should be presented in a short abstract. Your thesis statement must appeal to the reader (except for your professor, who has to read it anyway). It also has to catch the reader’s attention and be interesting and easy-to-read.
  3. Choose an interesting topic from your life. Don’t write an academic paper about your life. Make it personal. Choose an event that has had a strong effect on your life. Upon choosing such an event, tell it in your personal narrative essay.
  4. Use an essay sample. If you’re not good at writing a narrative essay, you should find a sample to understand better how to write it. Be sure to find a good sample provided by a reputable and trusted source. Never plagiarize. Use the sample as a guide only.
  5. Plot your essay. This step is rather simple, given you have chosen the topic of your essay. Remember about the necessary structure. Your narrative essay should comprise the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion:
  • Introduction: state the chosen topic and narrate about the experience you’re going to describe further.
  • Main body: tell the story you have chosen, provide the details of your experience, your personal views on it and your reactions.
  • Conclusion: tell what you learnt from the experience you’ve just shared and how it has influenced your life.

Even though writing a narrative essay is easier than creating any other academic paper, you still have to go through the common process of writing an essay. You need to adhere to the requirements listed above, let alone follow the rules of grammar and punctuation. If you run into trouble writing your essay, consult your professor and ask him or her to give you samples or examples that might help you. In any case, don’t hesitate to be creative and honestly share your experience with your audience to write a great narrative essay!


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