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How to Deal with College Professors You Don't Like?

Ask any college student and they will give you an example of a professor they don’t like. It seems to be a tendency that every college has those professors who are widely disliked by students. Nevertheless, you can rarely avoid dealing with such people for at least a semester. Here are some tips that can help you do that.

Determine why You Dislike Them

Some professors have a negative reputation spread around the campus. They might be allegedly mean, stingy with grades or unfair. Usually, where there’s smoke there’s fire, and those rumors have some foundation. Still, in some cases, students will already dislike the professors before they even have a class with them. Always be sure that your negative attitude to someone is based on your own impression and not the things you’ve heard from other people.

The First Impression

Once you know that you’re going to end up in a class taught by someone with a notorious reputation, don’t let the information you received previously influence your impression. The main thing you should focus on is whether this person knows what they’re doing. Some professors are disliked because of their character but not because they’re incompetent. You might not like their teaching methods, but if they’ve got this position in the first place, they are qualified to educate you.



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Focus on Your Work

College is above all about education and you didn’t come here to make friends among your professors. It’s great if you do, of course, but if one of your professors comes across as an unpleasant person, try to focus only on your performance. In the long run, you’ll say goodbye to that person soon, but the knowledge you’ll gain will stay with you forever. However, if you feel like your professor is deliberately preventing you from succeeding, you should take it to the authorities.

Know that You Can Be Wrong

Many students get very angry with professors who tend to disregard their ideas. Of course, it is not a good teaching technique, because every professor has to respect the thoughts of their students even when they make little sense. However, you should always keep in mind that you might be wrong, and if a professor who has more experience than you disagrees with what you’re proposing, it might be the case. The key to successful cooperation is mutual respect.

Collision of personalities is inevitable anywhere and college is no exception. Not liking a professor is the experience many people are familiar with, which can also be turned into a valuable lesson. You will learn how to deal with people whom you dislike, and it will prepare you for an adult life even more, because there will always be someone getting on your nerves, after all.


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