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Both works from Morton and Giovanni gives an account for the earliest of Native American cultures and life. In his work, Morton was considered to as an irresponsible liberitine due to his tendency of fictionalizing and harshly criticizing the Pilgrims. Morton has come out strongly to present accurate and sympathetic account telling more about Native Americans culture, way of life and appreciates the beauty of American landscape. Morton is using satire and humor to enhance critical view of hypocrisy of the Pilgrims and he is comparing the Pilgrims inhumanity to being kind and their humanity to the Indians.

New English Canaan

Morton using printed literature to offer a challenge to the authority, this has contributed much to the uncomfortability of Puritans and seems to be causing serious threats to the colony leaders. Morton’s May Day celebrations are interpreted by the Puritans as act of Paganism. Despite him observing the Anglican Church, the Puritans are still finding the Anglican Church as vile.



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Morton works is showing a deliberate mixture of classical and Biblical allusions which he has designed to directly offend the Puritans. His classical allusions are superfluous and to great extent offensive I God’s eyes and also to be mixed with Biblical allusions (Morton, 1999).

The book of New English Canaan is insisting on the Natives humanity and Morton is admiring their simple life. He is going ahead to contrast them with Puritans who he is seeing as devoid of humanity and ill-educated, this in its way demoralizes the Puritans in the society. In his second book, Morton is describing the natural resources in the New England. The critique behind the work is that he is giving priority to the Englishmen to explore the available commodities in New England before the Dutch explores them.

The third book of New English Canaan talks of lives of Puritan and their conflict among the inhabitants of Ma-re Mount. The book has satirical tone and has used a variety of style from being satire to narrative and then to complex allegory. The erecting of maypole is the most notable part in this book and it contains two poems,” Rise Oedipus” a composed poem and a song (drinking song) sung by revelers as around the maypole. The rest of the book contains Morton’s two arrest and deportation destroy Morton’s attacks those who had sought to destroy him making the tone to increase and also use of humor e.g. he calls Miles Standish “Captain Shrimp “hence satirizes Puritans wickedness. In his work Morton shows facts and fiction using styles such as allusions and references. The work is somehow confusing since Morton insight into the lives of the colonialist, Indians and also Morton’s himself (Morton, 1999).

Giovanni da Verrazzano

Giovanni da Verrazano was an Italian navigator and explorer between 1518 and 1528, he became the first European to explore, discover and chart the Atlantic coastline of North America; he first discovered the cape fear, and proceeded his exploration to north Carolina and also, most importantly he discovered the New York. The king of France was among the European competitors who sort for new territories, therefore, Verrazano among others a few was considered suitable for the exploration. He started his voyage in 1524 and whose main objective was to find a waterway intended to connect the Atlantic ocean to pacific ocean that would eventually give a way to Asia an particularly to china; also part of the mission was to capture Spanish ships ((Verrazzano, 1841). Of the four ships deployed by the king of France, only that of the Verrazano succeeded in exploring the North America as the other three broke away and engaged in pirating and capturing the Spanish ships for precious commodities. Verrazano was not successful in establishing the passages but he did a great working describing the eastern coast of North America as well. Other voyages included west India, Brazil and China; he died in 1528.

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The goal of Verrazano work was mainly to fulfill the duty and the requirements of the king of France in discovering new lands, north western sea passage to china and pirating the Spanish ships whereas that of Morton’s focused specifically on the earliest description of life and culture of native Americans. The purposes of these two works are not the same as one centralizes in the life and culture as the other considers land exploration. In one way or the other the works of Morton and Verrazano are interconnected in historical development such that as latter discovers and explores the new land of North America, the former describes the way of life and traditional aspects of people living in these regions.

Verrazano work is not exhaustive and precisely accurate. In as much as he had opportunities to explore much of the interior land he did not do so apart from one occasion during winter when he and his crew spent much time offshore in a winter. An appropriate example is when he discovered the Chesapeake Bay and immediately concluded that it was a connection of between the continent of China and North America without further investigation. On the other hand Morton’s work is fictionalized to some extent through the use of humor, attire, symbolism and other aspects of literature in describing humanity thus making it a little hard to believe some of his work.

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As he describes the accounts of his exploration, Verrazano shows aspects of possessiveness as he tends to reflect on the success of the voyages from his effort. Therefore, his work is deemed to be exaggerated in actual findings and success despite occasional description of failures and challenges faced for instance the fact that he was able to retrieve fire from a burning stick of a native is not put in the right omen of mere chance (Verrazzano,1841).

Much of the work of Verrazano revolves in the style of description. He gives an account of the voyage findings though detailed description of geographical appearances, flora, fauna and natives of the land. For instance, in his letter describes the clothing of the natives as, “They clothe themselves in the skins of bears, lynxes, seals, and other animals.” Nevertheless, Morton’s work applies the style of narrative as he narrates the history of life and culture of Native Americans through the use of humor and satire to give a contrast of humanity of India, China and Native Americans.

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In conclusion, the analysis of the two works depicts the development of the history of the ancient North America at different angle. Both works in as much as they give abundant knowledge of the history they have short comings and challenges as discussed.


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