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Free «Argument on Gun Control» Essay Sample

In today's society, the cause of violence that leads in many countries is the use of gun improperly. Firearm of some type or the other is owned by every other household and this can be deadly. When in wrong hands, fatalities can be caused by guns regardless of the intention of their use, be it collecting, self-defense, competitions or hunting. With training that is appropriate and with proper handling, the harmfulness of guns can be averted. But with the accessibility that is so readable of these weapons, no effort or a very little effort is required and anyone on the street can purchase one. Due to this reason, the issue of gun control, its distribution and its sales, has become an issue that is political. A PROPER IMPLEMENTATION OF LAWS AND POLICIES HAS TO BE MADE TO ENSURE THE ISSUE OF GUN CONTROL GETS RESOLVED. An argument in favor of gun control is presented here.

To begin with, SELF-DEFENSE IS ONE OF THE FOREMOST MOTIVES WHY MANY PEOPLE BUY A GUN. By possession of a firearm in a home for personal protection, the stress and worry of break-ins and robberies can be somewhat elevated. Guns have been recognized to guard against these intrusions. Since an abundance of weapons that are used in fierce offenses are generally stolen or transported between individuals, self-defense weapons must be securely kept whether at home or in a vehicle.

In addition, CHILDREN, WHO ARE ALLOWED TO PLAY WITH TOY GUNS, TOO OFTEN GET THEIR LITTLE HANDS ON LOADED WEAPONS. Not understanding the dire consequences, they aim and pull the trigger, changing lives and bringing on psychological problems in the future. Locking gun cabinets are a must if children reside in the home; as well, any weapon should never be left loaded with ammunition. Many of these events are accidents which could easily have been avoided. Part of the responsibility for gun control lies with the gun owner, parents and safety precautions that are practiced in the home.

Finally, GUNS CAN, IN CERTAIN INSTANCES, BOOST A CRIMINAL TO ACCOMPLISH A FIERCE CRIME HE OR SHE WOULDN'T HAVE ACCOMPLISH ED OTHERWISE. It is also possible that keeping a weapon in the home could have the totally opposite result and upsurge the danger of violent offense in the home. Part of the responsibility for gun control lies with the gun owner, parents and safety precautions that are practiced in the home.

Lastly, IT IS NECESSARY TO SEE IF IMPLEMENTATION OF GUN CONTROL HAS A POSITIVE IMPACT OR NOT. It is interesting to note that there are less gun-related deaths in other countries such as Japan, Great Britain, and Sweden than in the United States. Strict gun control laws are possessed by these countries and they also require that gun purchasers register to take a bare arm safety course. The number of guns has a direct relationship with the death, in numbers, in each country.

In conclusion, IF GUNS CAN BE REGULATED THERE WOULD DEFINITELY BE LESS DEATHS BECAUSE OF GUN MISUSE. The schools, streets, and nations themselves would become safer for all their citizens. The ammunition of the gun is as dangerous as the gun is itself, to the children. In the hands of someone who has no handling and shooting experience, children, sane or unstable people, and criminals, guns can become fatal. Things will likely turn worse than they are at the moment if gun's use and its control are done nothing about. With some time, dedication, and hard work, the probability of going out with a bang can be concentrated significantly.


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