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Free «Is more Civic Engagement among Older Adults Necessarily Better?» Essay Sample

Question: “Is more civic engagement among older adults necessarily better? Some say it is good because it offers a sense of purpose, social status, and better health by encouraging social interactions and access to resources. Others might argue that promoting civic engagement in old age may end up obliging people to burdensome work at all ages, and may promote negative stigmas for people who are unable to stay productive. What do you think?”

Response 1:

Civic engagement among the elderly is useful to determine the relative function of adults as they age. Particularly with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, the effects of mental disease can creep in an undetected manner without some sort of regular constant. Civic engagement allows for those most susceptible, the elderly, to have a regular source monitoring to determine how well they are operating when charged with a task to accomplish. Just as well, elderly adults who are living on their own and not in a senior housing center are provided with individuals that can provide for their social needs outside of their immediate family. This, in turn, lightens the burden of aging on loved ones and allows for senior citizens to be somewhat more independent in providing for themselves.


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Response 2:

The elderly are often not equipped to handle civic engagements in today’s society. Too often, they are removed from potential participation due to inability to interact with technology, changing social norms, and the higher pace at which we work now. For those who are already off balance with their health, this adds unneeded stress and uncertainty to their daily life, and can be significantly detrimental. Their confidence can be negatively affected, and they could too often feel put on the spot or embarrassed to not understand or grasp concepts that younger generations find easy.

Response 3:

The elderly should be provided with opportunities that a geared toward their participation. For instance, the idea of a daytime center for senior citizens is beneficial, especially considering one that offers classes or further opportunities for those seeking to be more active. However, it should be noted that not all seniors are capable of the same degree of activity. In fact, the elderly probably represent the widest range of energy levels for their age group. Considerations need to be made for those who wish to just mingle without a sense of duty.


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