Free «Unit Expectations and Teamwork for Assessment» Essay Sample

The expectations of the unit got fulfilled completely. My process of critical thinking and my habits have developed challenge-handling skills that are positive. By applying strategies that were problem solving, situational and problematic solutions that were creative, had me armed in this subject. Implementing within my behaviour, I learned important characteristics and attitudes that were significant for being a creative problem solver (Isaksen, 1985).

It was a challenge to experience the teamwork in Assessment 3b because the constructive arguments within my team got handled by using suitable strategies. For company selection process, nondiscriminatory distribution got applied. To keep the members satisfied, we tried to find a common solution on the working process by splitting the different points of views (Mitchell, 1986). Mind mapping and brainstorming was applied using collaboration; (Parnes, 1981) in order to find a creative solution, we were negotiating on differing opinions in order, to meet the needs of our team to the highest extent possible (Biondi, 1972).

All problems and their solutions were searched before the project was started by the team. The solutions were to be based on the response to footprint emission on Corporate Social Responsibility, Operations, and Corporate Governance and level. Duncker diagram was used to bring the solutions of the problems and the team had obtained a list of solutions (Noller, 1977).

In order to assist my team in preparation of the Power Point presentation and with other stuff, the written report was completed, one week before the deadline, by me. The stakes were high and I undertook the task of decision-making in my knowledge fields.

I learned the significance of support that was collective and also learned group decision making process during the teamwork. Elimination of problems requires establishing an environment for innovative teamwork, balanced task allocation and carefully planned meetings (Parnes, 1967). To achieve favourable results, it was realized by the team that we had to establish innovative teamwork environment.

Throughout the course of the project, from start to the finish, my team remained motivated. A chat room was created on the internet so that communication process can be established and that each member be updated on the project status and can give feedback (Edwards, 1986). It was a way of cooperation that was very useful and interesting. For helping the group excel, each group member deserved 4 points for participation and preparation.

My further teamwork will hopefully include various aspects. The first priority will be to pick the colleagues more attentively. The second step would be to become a team leader and implement dealing steps that involve style of champion leadership. It will provide a friendly atmosphere, instead of responsibility encourage task completion accountability, and give options to the workers instead of setting the aims (Patton, 1986).


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