Free «Examining Intelligent Design» Essay Sample

The chapter examines the intelligent design. Intelligent Design is a belief that goes against evolution. It gets based on religion, and that it is not possible for everything to be scientific, like the theory of evolution. Some people believe that Intelligent Design is not true, and a lot of people go against it because they believe in the scientific theory, rather than believing in God and that he is the creator of the universe. When comparing the theory of evolution with intelligent design, evolution contradicts stories told by religions of whom and what they believe in and how everything came to be how it is today. Some scientists have proposed that life began with aliens originating life on this curly. They cannot propose that there is a Creator, but seek to come up with an even more speculative theory. Unfortunately, this is not the only theory in the scientific community, and there are many more similar cases when it comes to those challenging the theory of Evolution. Although the natural selection that species change to adapt to their environment gets agreed upon by scientists, the idea that this microevolution is then the cause of the origin of species, macroevolution, is what gets not agreed upon by all. Many people in the scientific community have challenged the theory of evolution because of its inconsistency with reality. Not one person has to agree or disagree with it; one might be on both sides of these theories. It all depends on what one believes in and what one stands for. Some people might not believe in either theory. Each theory gets based on one’s own personal beliefs, and one should not let the thoughts, ideas, and beliefs of others’ affect one’s own.


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