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Analysis Phase

When you initially begin to consider a project at Saudi Telecom Company (STC), it is important to complete an analysis of the project and its potential impact on your business. Once the business needs' analysis gets completed, it is important to learn as much as you can about your target audience. You will want to understand their technological expertise, role within their organizations, and their knowledge level.

The phase of the analysis includes the WHOM and WHAT definition of the process. It includes learner’s needs definition, possible constraints identification, project goals' settlement and the project's scope determination at Saudi Telecom Company.

The following points are involved in the phase of analysis at Saudi Telecom Company:

  • Intended audience description
  • Needs’ assessment conduction
  • Training goals definition
  • Learning objectives writing

Design Phase

Most design documents include the course outline and many get detailed enough to include the actual scripting or storyboarding of the content. Therefore, design documents often serve as the final document for content approval before course development begins at Saudi Telecom Company.



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The following points are involved in the phase of design:

  • Resource identification
  • Content sequencing
  • Tactics and methods' selection
  • Capability assessment inscription 

Development Phase

The training of the job of all elementary employees needs to include the part of Safety training at Saudi Telecom Company. Job's part, which is essential, is safety, and its belief gets reinforced by Safety training. Needs of the training of safety get identified by the focus on the needs of the training of the job. Job performance’s know-hows should be learned by your employees at Saudi Telecom Company.

The following points are involved in the phase of development:

  • Experiential exercises development
  • Script and media development
  • Team focus & synergy
  • Handout development
  • Run-through conduction

The identification of the training needs of the Saudi Telecom Company requires the following:

  • Records of injuries and accidents
  • Reports of near misses and incidents
  • Inspections and audits
  • Working employee's observation
  • Meetings for safety
  • Employee suggestions
  • Hazards' solutions that are developed and analysis of the hazards of the job at Saudi Telecom Company 

Implementation Phase

Implementation involves the process of moving the course into the real world context. This often involves putting it into the learning management system or determining the best way to deploy the course to the audience at Saudi Telecom Company.

A testing plan that includes several stages is often a good idea. These stages can take on many different forms, but typically involve a prototype, Alpha and Beta test. In order to limit technical issues during the actual launch, the final Beta test should fully replicate the entire process and a workable learner experience.

The following points are involved in the phase of implementation at Saudi Telecom Company:

  • Setting attendance and advertisement
  • Mastery of objectives promotion
  • Strong presentation skills' utilization
  • Experiential learning facilitation at Saudi Telecom Company premises 

There is a need to allow employees for:

  • Discussion participation
  • Question asking
  • Expertise and knowledge sharing
  • Hands-on experience learning
  • Role-playing exercises and its participation 

Evaluation Phase

Evaluation is the process of determining the adequacy of instruction. Evaluation takes the form of an assessment or survey. There are several different types of assessments. The first is a Formative assessment, which gets typically used during the learning process and provides prescriptive feedback to the learner. Learners often get a sense for how well they are learning content and what gaps in understanding that may still exist.  Another assessment type is a Summative assessment. This assessment typically occurs at the end of a lesson, module or course and gets used to evaluate what knowledge or skills the learner acquired throughout the learning process.

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The following are the four Levels of Evaluation that are commonly used in evaluating training programs at Saudi Telecom Company:

  • Level 1     Reaction
  • Level 2     Learning
  • Level 3     On-the-job application
  • Level 4     Return on Investment


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