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Everything matters! Leadership role is a core quality of every person within any organization or even family. According to Roi, “the position of any leader has a direct impact on people either in the community the person lives in or in the project of a manager in any business or company” (Roi 37). The idea to lead people is the philosophy to gently evaluate all the provided information for both personal and professional lives.

This paper addresses the “five exemplary practices of leadership such as model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, enable others to act and finally, encourage the heart” (Kouzes & Posner 49). Such practices contend with the process of leading people in any sphere of life. The paper discusses each practice in detail, including the visual aid examples. The overall idea of this work is to provide the steps on how to develop different leadership qualities in society and business.

The very first practice is called “Model the Way”, which explains the leadership qualities and experience of dealing with people. The first step of this process is to understand different styles of leadership. This is what matters most once a person needs to make a decision. The second step is to predict the outcomes of various conditions either at home or in the office. This always depends on the perspective the individual observes for the future of the company or the particular circumstances in a family. The third step is the real-life practice that helps develop the leadership command, which is useful for any life or business situation. Finally, the fourth step is to learn how to boost personal motivation as well as the ability to motivate others. This plays an important role for the family in order to support each other along with the beneficial influence on managing the personnel in the company. According to Roi, “The leadership is an asset that is valuable for the daily routine as well as for the mundane working atmosphere and climate in any organization” (Roi 57).



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The second practice of leadership is known as “Inspire a Shared Vision”. This particular practice considers the importance to grow both personally and professionally, which is a first step to bear in mind. Such an approach treats people to behave more accurately in any social or business environment. Hence, the second step is to learn how to listen more attentively without breaking up one’s mind. This is appreciated for the reason that the person can understand the information better and, consequently, offer more proficient help in making the right decision. The third step to focus is to learn how to enliven people with the help of inspiring stories. According to the findings of Kouzes and Posner, “people positively reflect to the stories about someone managed to achieve the goal by oneself and that inspires on the way to personal success” (Kouzes & Posner 372).

The third leadership practice is entitled as “Challenge the Process”. The major step to pay attention in this model is to coach people by inspiring them. This will surely have better results in any life or business setting. A true leader who uses this practice should learn the second step about how to boost the commitment of people by improving their personal engagement in any process. Finally, a true leader is the one who can create leaders with the help of the third step - a mixture of styles to lead people. This includes using the strategies to influence, motivate as well as to manage the behavior of people for their benefit. This is vitally important to help people combine their life and career.

The fourth practice of leadership is identified as “Enable Others to Act”. In order to illustrate this practice, a leader should demonstrate the understanding that the actions speak louder than words. So, the first step is to show charisma and use it to empower others in order to fulfill the indicated goal and provide the best performance quality. The second step is to respect the skills and qualities of other people. This will help to use the talent any person can show while doing an interesting job. As stated by Kouzes and Posner, the third step is to “constantly develop the personal leadership role, including the skills of a true leader and use them to help others grow both personally and professionally” (Kouzes & Posner 213).

Finally, the fifth practice is to “Encourage the Heart”. This practice addresses the first step, that is, using free time correctly. People can develop their personal qualities if they concentrate on the process. In case there is no interest in anything, there is always free time for another cup of tea or coffee and no place for the personal and professional growth. The second step is to show courage and strong attitude in terms of arguments or debates in the community. The reason for such a behavior is to maintain respect and understanding of the alternative opinion. The final third step to learn is how to cope with conflicts. The thing is to understand how to reach an agreement that satisfies both parties and encourage others to do the same on the personal example. When the conflict is over before it has even started, it can only bring a positive effect and impression for people in personal and professional lives.

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To conclude, in case of a correctly chosen practice model a true leader can generate new leaders for the community and make a personal input in the society. The five exemplary practices of leadership are to be a valid asset for any group of people, including any business or family. What matters most is the position of mind that controls the behavior of people, leads their character, and performs all the leadership qualities people possess in life, either inborn ones or learned from the experience.


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