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The plight to better educational standards and quality is becoming increasingly elusive by the day. It has been argued that with the current trend where levels of academic dishonesty, attaining the projected goals of development in major sectors is at stake (Graves, 2008). The challenges the world faces at the moment are overwhelming and for them to be contained it needs highly skilled people to undertake that course. The trend of cheating deprives the entire world the hope of these challenges being solved. There are claims that academic personnel facilitate directly and/or indirectly the trend of cheating among students (Burke, Polimeni, & Slavin, 2007). With a trend of such claims, the future becomes devoid of hope.

A research conducted in the year 2002 revealed very disturbing facts that call for educational policy makers to go back to the drawing board. The data contained in the study involving over fifty thousand undergraduate students in sixty campuses across the US, revealed that a majority of the students that were interviewed admitted having been involved in one or more ways of academic dishonesty. 25% of the 50,000 students admitted to have engaged in exam cheating and over 50% of the 50,000 students admitted to have practiced one of the many forms of cheating during their conduction of written assignments (Mccbe, 2010).

Now that cheating, academically and eventually, socially, is a fact, action needs to be taken in order to curb this disturbing trend. The way to go for this aim probably is to first identify the cause of the increased levels of cheating in learning institutions. The identification of methods of controlling these causes is very necessary. Guidelines that should be adhered to and recommendations to discourage the cheating trend among learners should be developed as soon as possible for any delay will most probably put the entire world at a position that it can not manage to save itself from.


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