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Which activity did you engage with?

I attended a workshop on how to write essays and dissertation.

What happened?

The essays and dissertation workshop taught me various skills and that stood up as a great experience for me. With this workshop, I learnt a lot of Internet research skills, learning skills and critical thinking skills. But, now I’m in the stage of completing my education and next step would be employability in my career. The university lectures and seminars already helped me a lot in explaining, how a person should be when he goes for an employment. Those theories explained me the concepts very well. But then, I was not sure how to use those skills, where to use those skills. If I get a chance to attend The University Business Challenge, then it will be great start up for me to improve my interpersonal skills. With The University Business Challenge workshop, I’m sure I can learn graduate employability skills, how to develop commercial awareness across disciplines and other skills needed for an employment.



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What Key skills do you have to use and develop?

I would like to improve my leadership skills, communication skills and listening skills as I know I’m lagging in these areas. In order to develop these skills, already I’m reading books, novels, and newspapers and listening to great leader’s speech. When I attended the essays and dissertation workshop, I closely observed and learnt how all the theories and real time examples are go well with each other. I was able to imagine, how to react and communicate in tough situations. But then, I need to develop how to work with team members, how to delegating work to the subordinates, how to motivate the team while working, how to give feedbacks for the team members etc., When I was listening to essays and dissertation workshop, I was able to recognize all of the seminars and lectures I attended. I was able to map each and every chapter of my learning’s to my real time learning. This experience really boosted my knowledge practically and I now know I have drastically improved my writing skills on essays and dissertations.

What worked well?

After attending the essays and dissertation workshop, I can see my writing skills have drastically been improved. I know, I was lagging in writing essays as I was poor in critical thinking skills. But the workshop made me to realize all of my weakness like writing, speaking, critical thinking, analytical ability etc., and the workshop also helped me to learn how to go about individual learning rather than depending on anybody to teach. With this experience, I’m now depending on my computer and my Internet connection alone on learning anything. I’m now searching for various things in Internet and learning things on my own. I’m now able to write essays confidently without worrying about the content and my language as I have already improved on these areas.

What could you do better next time?

I have to do better in People Management Skills. In the university, I had a group of four members in the team. I’m lagging in people management skills and for a Stress Management Session arranged by me for a group of 15 members, I was not able to get the work done from them. The real time experience and my class room lectures and seminars taught me a lot in People Management Skills. Hence I would like to improve my skills on this particular area. Also, I need to know how to choose a career, how to prepare for that career, how to achieve success in our employment, how to cope up with team conflicts, how to be good team player, the difference between the team player and the team leader, what is emotional intelligence and how it is related to employability, negotiation skills, how to prepare for the interview, how to present ourselves during the interview and all other minute details of the interview process. etc., I would also like to know how social networking plays a major role in our employment. If I get a chance to attend “The University Business Challenge” I’m sure I can get a great insight on the interview process, personal development process and employability process.

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What have you learned from the experience?

From this experience, I have learnt students can do wonders if they put in a lot of efforts on their own. Confidence plays a major role in self development and if that is done, anyone can shine in their life. 


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