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In life and throughout the endeavors people go through, there are a number of goals that they aim at and/or wish to accomplish in the long run. These goals range from personal, professional to academic. Those are the four key aspects of human life that are fundamental to every other individual. First of all, my professional goal is that; I want to be an industrious, cooperative, all-round and hardworking individual ready to work under any circumstances for the success of my endeavors. This also relates to whichever institution I might be working with under my career. Secondly, my academic goal is that; I want to earn a degree in Mechanical Engineering which later, I have to master it to enable be to achieve the professional goal that I have set. This is the key reason as to why I chose to attend university in the first place. Lastly, my personal goal is that; I want to make every day count in my life. Each day to be a significant success and not to take any for granted. This will see me utilize my time well and ensure that the end result is as positive and attractive as possible.



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It is obvious that a miracle won’t happen to ensure that the above goals are accomplished. This means that a number of things need to be done so as to ensure the goals are accomplished. First of all, on my academic goal, I have set a strategy to ensure that I complete my assignments as needed, do some extra reading on my own and generally take a step to approach my tutors and clarify challenges I encounter during my study time. At a glance, this is a strategy that I must follow with all means to make sure that I accomplish my goal. On my personal goal, I have devised a personal strategy which includes a written daily schedule that has all my days programmed for the exceptional tasks I undertake. I have each and every single minute allocated for an exceptional piece of work that ensures my days are not wasted on any unplanned for activities. Finally, regarding my professional goal, I have a strategy to make sure I succeed in my academic proficiency and that I create the most reliable employee.

Apart from the strategies, there are other support networks both at and off campus, to help assist in the accomplishment of the goals. First, my tutors and fellow students are cooperative in such a manner that makes it easy to accomplish my professional, personal and academic goal. Outside campus, my parents and peer counselors have done their best to ensure that I accomplish my goals. I intend to continue seeking assistance from my tutors, parents, colleagues and peer counselors to ensure that they give me the necessary support. For instance, I have weekly appointments with my lecturers, career advisors and peer counselors to see that I achieve the above.

Given the above goals and strategies I have a significant motivation to learn and take my studies as seriously as never before. What I have in place as where I want to be in the future is what gives me the motivation to learn. For instance, during this semester I have been covering my class work even before the lecturers went through it in class. This has put me a step ahead of my classmates and has made my work much easier.

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When it comes to my exceptional topic of interest during this semester, I have to say that it was lively especially when it came to learning about how one transpires to become an industrious and all-round individual when it comes to profession. The semester has been a blessing during that point in time. That was extended to my class work, and special gratitude goes to my tutors who have done their best to advice us on career choices and the significance to study. This will work as guiding principles in our further education and careers in the most uncertain future.

The career calling that I have chosen significantly affects the larger society in almost every aspect. Globally, a mechanical engineer can be able to address a number of challenges both domestically and industrially. This is owing to the fact that most aspects in use nowadays especially in the wake of new technology significantly affect the society.

My role as an expert and profession in the society in the global society will be to tackle all the issues regarding mechanics and come up with solutions counter the same. As a hardworking, industrious and all-round individual, I will be able to form positive judgment and interpretation in respect to my personal point of view. As a professional, I have a motive to try and advice my colleagues on the best working ethics and show them what is required of them both in and out of the working field. This is a strategy that will see me trying to transform individuals into useful vessels in the society.


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