Free «Why do citizens seem to want more police officers on foot patrol rather than in police cars?» Essay Sample

Foot patrol not only helps prevent crimes in neighbourhood but the main reason for the citizens preferring foot patrol is because they are also able to establish a better relationship with the police. Police also will be able to keep in better touch with local activities in the community and become a part of the community.

What are the three traditional methods we have used to do police work in the United States?

Random routine Patrolling: This method of police work is aimed to prevent crimes and to make the citizens feel safer in their neighbourhood. This method involves policeman patrolling their designated beats or neighbourhoods in marked patrol cars, on foot, mountain bikes, etc. at random intervals.

Retroactive Investigation: This method of police work usually happens after a crime is committed where a thorough investigation is conducted to crack the case. There are usually detectives in the police department who do this investigation. These detectives also get involved when they get information about a crime which is about to happen.



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Emergency Response: This method of police work happens when a citizen calls 911 in case of emergency in which case the nearby patrol police will be called in to respond to the emergency.

Describe the Kansas City Study. What was the major value of the study?

‘Kansas City Study’ was the remarkable landmark experiment conducted by Kansas City Police Department of Kansas City, Missouri during the period of year 1972-1973 to test the effectiveness of having patrol cars in the neighbourhood to reduce the possibility of crimes being committed and if it makes the citizens feel safer. The experiment conducted from Oct 1st 1972 to 30th Sept 1973 used three police beats in the city and used three different patrol routine for these places. No patrol routine was given for the first beat and police responded only for citizen’s calls. Second group received the regular patrolling while the last group saw at least 2-3 times increased patrolling.

The analysis of the crime reports, arrest data and different surveys revealed that there was no major reduction in the crimes in these places and also citizens were not feeling safer where there was increased patrol or feeling less safe when it was absent or reduced and thus this study concluded that there was no major value in having marked patrol car to reduce crime or make the citizens feel safer and this resource can be used elsewhere.

Discuss special operations listed in your text that assist law enforcement in providing services to the community. 

There are several special operations units in law enforcement providing excellent services to the community. Some of which are

Air Support:

Air Support is used by law enforcement to provide better service to the community for various operations.  Air support usually consists of highly equipped helicopters and they help portray a very good public safety image for the citizens and criminals. They have been found to be very effective in deterring narcotic activities in the streets, prevent vehicle thefts, robbery, reduce the duration and number of police pursuits, etc.

Mounted Patrol:

This special unit of the law enforcement provides voluntary service to multiple agencies to protect the different communities. The state of New Mexico has been using the services of New Mexico Mounted Patrol for the past 70 plus years.

Harbour Patrol:

This particular unit provide patrolling services along the coastal areas, rivers, harbours, canals, lakes, etc. Also known as water police, this unit patrol in water craft to enforce water traffic laws, prevent crimes in the vessels and ensure the safety of the water users.

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Canine Unit (K-9):

This unit consists of highly trained dogs for assisting law enforcement agencies including police to do their work more efficiently. They are mainly used for search-and-rescue, detection of explosives, narcotics, accelerants at suspected arson sites, decomposed bodies, etc.

Tact Unit:

Tact units are called in when the law enforcement agencies need highly trained officers to handle high risk operations involving negotiations or preventing suicides, talk to mentally unstable or disable persons, etc. 


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